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ICMPDAround the Globe: ICMPD Director General attended OECD High-Level Policy Forum as a panellist

14 January 2020

ICMPD DG Michael Spindelegger was a panellist at the High-Level Policy Forum on Migration and Integration, which took place on 16 January at the OECD Headquarters in Paris, France. The Forum was organised back to back with the first-ever OECD Ministerial Meeting on Migration and Integration, taking place the day after the Forum.

Under the title “Building a Whole-of-Society Approach to Emerging Migration and Integration Challenges”, the High-Level Policy Forum provided the opportunity to engage in a conversation between Ministers and senior officials as well as a wide range of key stakeholders. Altogether, about 300 senior-level participants visited the forum from all OECD countries as well as from selected non-OECD countries for this event. The High-Level Policy Forum was chaired by Switzerland with Chile and Spain as Vice-Chairs. 

Michael Spindelegger took part in the session on “Innovation in skills partnerships”, which dealt with the question on how to match talent in origin countries with labour needs in destination countries while avoiding negative impacts on the origin countries and introduced ICMPD’s initiatives in this field.