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Project News: Alternatives to learn from each other: the TALENTAS project organised a digital study tour to Denmark

13 October 2020

Within the EU-funded “TALENTAS” project, ICMPD organised a virtual study tour for Lithuanian participants to Denmark. Due to Covid-19, the study tour took place in a digital from 5-9 October 2020, allowing participants to get insights from the decennial and frontrunner experience of Denmark in public-led talent attraction management, strategy and operations.

The aim was to provide Lithuanian stakeholders with an impression of the unique way Danish private and public sector organisations cooperate to attract and retain specialised foreign talents and how Denmark has become known for its effective practices by employing strong digital marketing campaigns as well as personalised integration assistance.

The focus has been then dedicated on exploring how Denmark – and the city of Copenhagen especially – has extensively worked over the years on both employers and place branding, creating an ecosystem that is easily manageable, profitable for everyone and well balanced between regions and entities.

Context and Background

With ageing demographics, ongoing human capital flight and a pandemic curbing the relocation of talent in many places it has become increasingly important for countries to effectively market themselves as locations experts and skilled labour want to move to. This is necessary to keep developing high tech sectors and attract more foreign investment. To do so, Lithuania, like many countries, set out to learn from the best practices in the region and construct an effective infrastructure able to lure skilled workers and knowledge-based investments as a consequence. To keep up with the rising standards of living in the country, Lithuania now wants to also boost its attractiveness to foreign talents.

About the project

The study tour was organised as part of the “Developing a strategy for the implementation of a talent policy in Lithuania (TALENTAS)” project, implemented by ICMPD. The project is funded by the European Commission (DG Reform) Structural Reform Support Program (SRSP) and aims to contribute to institutional, administrative and growth-sustaining structure reforms in Lithuania helping the country to become more attractive country for talents and to retain the talents already residing in Lithuania. 

More information on the TALENTAS project can be found here.