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Project News: Bilateral Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding on Labour Migration. Training in Warsaw, Poland

11 September 2019

On 11 September, ICMPD and the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social organised a joint training titled: “Introduction to Bilateral Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding on Labour Migration”. The goal was to learn from the policies and practices of other EU and non-EU Member States, while discussing them in the Polish context.

Discussions during the training focused on the question of rationale behind the design and implementation of such instruments, they effectiveness as well as strengths and weaknesses. In addition, Bilateral Labour Migration Agreement Cycle was presented and discussed. The training was delivered by experts from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) as well as practitioners from selected countries (Philippines, Israel, Italy). It gathered experts and representatives of government institutions and social partners in Poland that might be potentially involved in such cooperation.

The event was organised within the project “Labour Migration Strategy in Poland” that is currently implemented by ICMPD in cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, the Polish Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy and Statistics Poland and funded by the European Commission Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS).

Context & Background 

In the recent past, bilateral labour agreements such as bilateral agreements and the memoranda of understanding on labour migration have grown in importance as tools for facilitating labour mobility. While such measures can play an important role in safeguarding the labour rights of migrant workers, in practice they demonstrate a number of deficiencies regarding both design and implementation. Despite the fact that EU Members States have been involved in many bilateral agreements, and the Polish experience in this field remains limited. To address these issues ICMPD organises an introductory training on Bilateral Agreements and the Memoranda of Understanding for key Polish stakeholders involved in labour migration policymaking. 

About the project

The project aims to support the Polish government in developing a comprehensive and sustainable policy framework for labour migration. It targets relevant Polish government ministries and public administrations in order to increase their institutional capacity to design and implement labour migration policies in line with Poland’s needs and strategic priorities. The results will be a number of concrete deliverables including reports and working papers on best practices.

More information on “Labour Migration Strategy in Poland” can be found here