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Project News: Business owners discuss cooperation opportunities in the framework of the SUMMIT project

6 November 2020

ICMPD’s SUMMIT* Project organised a meeting titled “Policy Recommendations to Increase the Participation of Syrian Migrants in Şanlıurfa into the Labour Markets and Inclusive Investment Incentive and Support Strategy at the Regional Level” on 3 November 2020 with the participation of Turkish and Syrian business owners.

The B2B event was held within the scope of the activity “Providing technical support to Karacadag Development Agency (Sanliurfa province) in Turkey”. The overall aim of the activity is to position Şanlıurfa as an attractive location for investment and facilitate integration of both migrants and the host community into the labour market through increasing employment opportunities and facilitating investment opportunities. The main outputs of the activity will be ‘Policy Recommendations Report for Participation of Syrians into the Labour Market in Sanliurfa province’ report focusing on the economic impact of Syrian investments on local economy as well as ‘Inclusive Investment Incentive and Support Strategy for Sanliurfa province at the Regional Level’ report.

To this end, the B2B meeting aimed to provide a platform for business owners to discuss the steps, obstacles and opportunities to develop networking strategies among national and Syrian firms and strengthen the existing networks in the Sanliurfa province of Turkey. With this objective, the event strengthened the communication among global, local and Syrian companies as well as supported the establishment of business networks and platforms. 

The first panel of the event aimed to share the preliminary findings of the overall research study and offered a platform to discuss potential opportunities and challenges of the current socioeconomic policy framework with a focus on smooth economic integration of Syrian entrepreneurs and business owners.

The second panel of the event provided an opportunity for Sanliurfa based Syrian firms to promote themselves and foster private sector partnerships in the region. The second panel also included the presentations of sector leads in Turkey covering cooperation opportunities in the region to enable Syrian entrepreneur firms to obtain information on what to do to be a part of supply chains of large companies.

The event was organised under Component II of the Project. Its aim is to increase the level of institutional knowledge on the impact of migration on development and to adopt a migration-development centred approach in areas prioritised in line with each region’s specific needs.

More information on the SUMMIT project can be found here.

*Sustainable Migration Management through supporting Implementation of development sensitive migration policies and Initiatives in Turkey (SUMMIT)