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Project News: ENIGMMA 2 Case Study on Georgian Diaspora in Greece, Italy and Spain

5 September 2019

A study on the profile of Georgian diaspora and migrant communities in Greece, Italy and Spain is one of the outcomes of the EU-funded ‘Sustaining Migration Management in Georgia’ (ENIGMMA 2) project implemented by ICMPD. The overall objective of the ENIGMMA 2 project is to contribute to the sustainable enhancement of mobility and people-to-people contacts between the EU and Georgia.

The study follows the specific objective of the Component 2 of the project to implement joint measures to mitigate, target and address identified and possible migration related risks of visa liberalisation in Georgia and the EU Member States by providing support to Georgian migrants abroad. To this end, the report describes the existing provisions of the national migration legislation in the three destination countries - EU member states (Greece, Italy and Spain), and analyses the profile of Georgian diaspora, including their expressed needs, interests and challenges. Further, the study discusses how the situation of Georgian migrants in the three destination countries has changed after the enactment of the visa-free regime between Schengen countries and Georgia. 

The study is based on desk research, information gathered during the assessment and exchange missions to Greece, Italy and Spain, meetings with the national stakeholders in Georgia and destination countries, interviews and focus group discussions with the representatives of Georgian diaspora organisations and active diaspora members, Georgian state institutions and diplomatic representations, as well as subsequent analysis of collected data.

This report follows the following structure:

- Section 1 provides an overview of national migration policies, legislative framework and institutional structure of the target EU MS;

- Section 2 starts with migration outlook of Georgia and further describes the issues related to diaspora policy development and implementation in Georgia; 

- Section 3 is dedicated to the profile of Georgian diaspora and migrant communities in three destination EU MS mainly based on outcomes of the assessment missions to these countries;

- The analysis of needs of Georgian migrants in all three destination countries and subsequent conclusions and recommendations are provided in the Section 4 of the report;

Finally, the annexes cover the guidelines of the focus group discussion, as well as the templates of the interviews.


Download the study here