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Project News: FMM promotes South-South cooperation in the area of labour migration management

6 February 2019

The Togolese delegation during the study visit in Tunisia

The Project Support to Free Movement of Persons and Migration in West Africa (FMM West Africa), through its Demand Driven Facility instrument (DDF), supports national institutions in the ECOWAS subregion in the form of technical assistance in a series of migration-related themes such as border management, human trafficking and labour migration.

From 21 to 25 January, a study visit and immersion in the Tunisian strategic and operational environment was organized for the benefit of senior managers of Togolese structures in charge of implementing the labour migration strategy in Togo. The objectives of this mission were to learn from Tunisia’s experience in governance and management of labour migration and to initiate mutually beneficial institutional cooperation, exchange of good practices and/or technical assistance.
The delegation was composed of the Director General of Employment and his collaborator (DGE), the Director General of the National Employment Agency (ANPE), the Director of Togolese Abroad (DTE), the Representative of the Togolese Employers' Association, and the Representative of the Trade Union Centres.
During the study visit the delegation met with Tunisian authorities to exchange on their migration policy and strategies for governance and management of migration in Tunisia. Further, a visit to the operational structures for the management of labour migration in Tunisia was conducted. As a final point of the study visit agenda, the delegation visited those structures that are in charge of managing relations with Tunisians abroad as well as those dealing with immigrants to Tunisia. The visited organisations included a Migrant Resource Centre, the Office of Tunisians Abroad, and “Terre d’asile”.
At the end of the meetings, a summary and debriefing session of the visit was organised between the delegation and the heads of the Tunisian Agency for Employment and Independent Labour (ANETI) which was also where further cooperation between the two countries was discussed.  

Former project activities in Togo

In Togo, the FMM project supported the development of its labour migration strategy and action plan while strengthening the capacities of actors involved in the governance and management of labour migration. Launched in July 2015, the process ended with the final validation, on 14 November 2017, of the strategy document for professional migration in Togo and its action plan, developed in a participatory and inclusive approach thanks to the methodological and technical support of experts mobilized by the Project under the coordination of the ICMPD through the DDF instrument.

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