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Project News: ICMPD and ILO host Listening Session for students from the New Delhi area

16 November 2019

ICMPD and ILO organised a Listening Session for the European Higher Education Virtual Fair India 2019 (EHEVF 2019) in conjunction with ICM at the Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra in New Delhi, which gathered 94 students from/around New Delhi.

The EHEVF 2019 was organised by the Delegation of the European Union to India in collaboration with EU Member States and international stakeholders from 14 & 15 November, 2019. The main aim of EHEVF 2019 was to highlight the many benefits of Europe as a high standard higher education destination, to potential international students, researchers, and academics across India.

ICMPD presented a 30 minutes session on student mobility with Utrecht University. International staff from the University of Utrecht joined as a guest speaker to illustrate the type of support (on mobility) that Indian students can expect.

As a result of the Listening Session, ICMPD will produce a podcast profiling India-EU student mobility, and will consist of the following discussion points:

  • Introduction presenting the background, trends and the major topics related to Indian students abroad.
  • Review of prevalent practices used by Indian students to procure information, financing and other means to reach EU universities (including expert voices from EU universities, student and agent/consultant interviews).
  • Expectations and challenges faced by prospective Indian students to the EU: Using interviews with prospective students participating in the virtual fair listening session organized by ICMPD in Delhi, a narrative of expectations, apprehensions and perceived challenges will presented.
  • Expectations and issues faced by EU based universities and stakeholders: Using key informant interviews with EU universities and other EU based stakeholders, key issues will be presented.
  • EU Initiatives to allay challenges and facilitate Indian students: highlighting the various initiatives and steps taken up by the EU to facilitate the safe and easy mobility of Indian students to the EU will be presented.
  • Next steps and Future of Indian student migration to EU: The future of Indian student movements to EU will be discussed and the key lessons learnt will be drawn on how to further facilitate and support students and universities.

Additional information on the 2019 EHEVF can be found here.