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Project News: ICMPD co-organised the second AIR Diaspora Engagement Forum in Vienna, Austria

7 May 2018

© Niko Havranek

In the framework of the MMD (Migration and Mobility Dialogue) support project, ICMPD with his partner the African Institute for Remittances (AIR) organised the AIR Diaspora Engagement Forum 2018 in Vienna, Austria.

The two-day event was the second of its type to be organised in collaboration with the African Institute for Remittances and had for main theme ‘Leveraging Diaspora Remittances for SME Development in Africa: Implementing innovative Strategies’.

ICMPD, within the framework of the Migration and Mobility Dialogue (MMD), contributed to the event by providing technical expertise to animate breakout sessions as well as logistical support.  

The event gave the opportunity to several diaspora organisations to share best practices and propose solutions on how to better leverage remittances. The participants provided an overview of the remittance and investment market of their countries of origin. Discussions were about the challenges of SMEs in Africa and institutional reforms required, the pre-conditions for a conducive business environment and risk management, the migrants needs and areas requiring policy intervention in the SME development and on how to make social remittances and diaspora investment work for SMEs’ development.

The audience proposed solutions with a focus on the following aspects:

  • Leveraging innovation and up-scaling diaspora involvement
  • Promote financial inclusion
  • Increase incentive policies for diaspora engagement in SMEs’ development in Africa
  • Promote diaspora’ investment mind set
  • Improve information and knowledge sharing
  • Improve governance and business climate 
  • Target strategic and high added value sectors

This MMD Support Project will further support the AIR in implementing recommendations made by the forum. It will also further strengthen the ICMPD partnership with the African Union. 


Watch the Conference Video.

More information about MMD can be found here.