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Project News: ICMPD conducts a workshop with Libyan Civil Society Organisations on network creation

10 February 2021

From 26 to 28 January 2021, ICMPD organised a workshop in Tripoli with four local networks of Libyan CSOs working on migration, focused on strengthening and operationalizing the networks. The activity took place under the framework of the EU-funded project “Strategic and Institutional Management of Migration in Libya”.

During the months leading up to the workshop, the four CSO networks received coaching from ICMPD, in regard to creating and operationalizing their networks via the development of a common Code of Conduct as well as the networks’ action plans. The main objective of the workshop was to finalize the action plans that the CSO networks had been working on and adapt them to the country’s situation, particularly considering the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the CSO networks had the opportunity to discuss possibilities for future collaborations between the networks. The workshop took place in Tripoli and was attended by seven representatives, nominated by the networks’ members, from four Libyan CSO networks from across Libya.  

The workshop built on the work that ICMPD has done with Libyan CSOs during the project, including capacity building activities and a study visit to Italy in 2019. The study visit in particular was a source of inspiration for the Libyan CSOs to create synergies between them and consolidate their efforts to address migration challenges and leverage its opportunities in Libya. Consequently, ICMPD undertook consultations with the CSOs during the spring of 2020 to explore networking opportunities. Following these consultations, it was decided to work together with the CSOs into that direction, focusing specifically on creating and operationalizing their networks with the long-term goal to build a national platform of all the CSO networks in Libya that work on migration issues.

The workshop was a successful experience, and the CSO networks expressed a strong desire to succeed in this networking experience despite the challenges that they are facing on the ground.

The aim of the “Strategic and Institutional Management of Migration in Libya” project, which is implemented by ICMPD in collaboration with the Libyan National Team for Border Security and Management (NTBSM), is to support the efforts to improve the management of migration flows and the conditions of migrants in Libya.