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Project News: Improving Migration Data: International Experiences. Workshop in Warsaw, Poland.

30 September 2019

On 30 September, ICMPD and the Statistics Poland organised a workshop titled: “Improving Migration Data: International Experiences”. The goal was to discuss the various country systems and methodologies for measuring migration processes as well as improvements in this area.

During the first panel Ms Jay Lindop of the UK Office for National Statistics and Sandra Martin of the Spanish National Statistics Institute presented the migration Statistics in two countries, recent transformation and latest research on population stocks. In the afternoon, Mr Maciej Beręsewicz, of the Statistics Poland, Ms Magdalena Kozłowska of the Office for Foreigners and Mr Marcin Wiatrów, of Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy focused on the Polish system and challenges related to migration monitoring. The final discussion was concentrated on the knowledge gaps and innovative approaches that can be used to address this challenge.

The event was organised within the project “Labour Migration Strategy in Poland” that is currently implemented by ICMPD in cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, the Polish Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy and Statistics Poland and funded by the European Commission Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS).

Context & Background

Efforts to enhance the quality of migration data in Poland have been intensified in the past years due to the several factors related to among others EU membership, changes in the legislation and growing demand for comprehensive analysis of migratory processes. Nevertheless, certain challenges related to data gathering, processing and sharing have been influencing the possibilities of creating evidence-based migration policy.

About the project

The project aims to support the Polish government in developing a comprehensive and sustainable policy framework for labour migration. It targets relevant Polish government ministries and public administrations in order to increase their institutional capacity to design and implement labour migration policies in line with Poland’s needs and strategic priorities. The results will be a number of concrete deliverables including reports and working papers on best practices.

More information on “Labour Migration Strategy in Poland” can be found here.