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Project News: JEMPAS & MICIC conduct Joint Training on Expatriate Engagement and Consular Crisis Management

17 February 2019

From 11-14th February 2019, the EU-funded JEMPAS and MICIC projects was facilitating a joint training taking place at the Dead Sea, Jordan. The theme of the training was “Expatriate Engagement and Consular Crisis Management”. It was conducted with 36 embassy- and consular staff of Jordanian Embassies abroad and organised in close collaboration with the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates (MOFAE).

Outreach and strengthening trust-building with expatriates have a positive impact on the embassies’ ability to protect citizens abroad in times of crisis. The training programmes are thus conceptualised to address outreach and services provision to expatriates comprehensively and to thematically build on each other’s content. They also support Jordan’s objectives for Expatriate Engagement, as outlined in the government’s Strategic and Implementation Plan for Expatriates 2014-2018.
This joint training is organised in the framework of the “Support to the Mobility Partnership between the European Union in Jordan and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan” (JEMPAS) project and the “Migrants in Countries in Crisis (MICIC): Supporting an Evidence-Based Approach for Effective and Cooperative State Action” project. Both projects are implemented by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD).
The EU and Jordan have established a Mobility Partnership (MP) on the 9th October 2014. With 18 signatories in total, the MP has received significant support from EU Member States, the highest number of signatories to a MP to date. The JEMPAS project is a direct outcome of this partnership with a specific focus on strengthening Jordanian government capacities to develop and implement their national migration policy. This project is designed to provide support to the Jordanian government in two key areas: outreach to and engagement with Jordanian expatriates and preventing trafficking in human beings.

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