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Project News: Launch of the new Call for Proposals under the Mobility Partnership Facility (MPF)

20 April 2018

Based on the successful results of the previous edition, a new Call for Proposals under the MPF was published on 16 April 2018. The Call, with a total budget of roughly €5 million, is open to Member States of the European Union (EU MS) for Actions targeting Mobility Partnership (MP) and Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility (CAMM) countries, and can include private law bodies as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs), as co-applicants.

Launched in January 2016, the MPF is an EU-funded initiative contributing to the operationalisation of the Global Approach to Migration and Mobility (GAMM). Thanks to the flexibility of the project, its light formal requirements and high contribution of up to 95% of the total budget, 12 Actions, involving 15 EU MS, six MP countries and two that have signed a CAMM, were granted under the first Call for Proposals published in April 2016. The MPF stands as a bridge builder between EU MS and partner countries who, through the implementation of Actions, are enhancing their cooperation and extending their understanding of institutional realities and the migration context.

The overall objective of the Call is to identify and grant Actions that will further promote and support the preparation and implementation of MPs and CAMMs through targeted, flexible and tailor-made assistance provided to partner countries.

The Call consists of three thematic streams which correspond to three financial instruments that fund the MPF and which are managed by the European Commission Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME). The first thematic stream supports activities under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) while the second and third stream activities respectively fall under the Internal Security Funds for police cooperation (ISF-Police), and borders and visa (ISF-Borders and Visa).

Proposals can seek a maximum contribution ranging from €50,000 to €1,000,000 under the AMIF and from €50,000 to €600,000 under ISF-Police, and ISF-Borders and Visa.

Once submitted, proposals are subject to a fast evaluation procedure of a maximum of 15 working days during which a Grant Evaluation Committee, composed of various services of the European Commission, the European External Action Service and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), discusses and, if positively assessed, recommends the proposal for award.

More information on the Call for Proposals is available in the “MP/CAMM countries: Guidelines for Call for Proposals with an open deadline”.