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Project News: MC2CM hosts event on data for urban migration governance in Amman, Jordan

29 March 2019

On 19-20 March, the Mediterranean City-to-City Migration (MC2CM) project held the first regional peer-learning event of its second phase (2018-2021) on the theme of data challenges at local level.

Hosted by the Greater Amman Municipality, the event convened more than 50 city representatives and experts from the Euro-Mediterranean region to discuss the importance of data for urban migration governance, policy development and monitoring, as well as for the promotion of a balanced narrative on migration.

 The event saw the presentation of case studies from local authorities and associations of cities demonstrating the need for better data, and featuring innovative ways of retrieving and using data for migration governance.  In addition, the Amman Urban Observatory presented their methodology for data collection and analysis, and the value of urban data for strategic planning also with regards to migration. The experience of the Observatory in the framework of the capacity-building project of MC2CM was here highlighted. Participants further discussed the use of data for evaluation and monitoring and explored existing monitoring frameworks, in view of the development of a monitoring tool for the MC2CM Policy Recommendations.

Data on migration at local level is scarce, due to cities’ limited capacity, resources and mandate in this field. Yet reliable, up-to-date and relevant data supports informed policy-making, progress evaluation and the promotion of a fair and realistic narrative on migration. Although participants to the event acknowledged the need for more and better data at local level, they also pointed out that cities should further exploit existing data sets and consider using innovative technologies such as geographic information system (GIS). While the collection of migration data can be sensitive and raise concerns over issues of privacy and data sharing, participants stressed the importance of working with local stakeholders such as NGOs and migrant associations in order to create trusted spaces with migrant groups.
This regional peer-learning event paves the way to tailored support to cities in the field of migration data, which has been identified as a key tool by participating cities of MC2CM phase I and MC2CM phase II launch event in Vienna. It feeds into regional efforts on data collection and management for improved migration governance.
Results of the meeting will be made available in the coming weeks.

A transfer session between MC2CM cities was organised in parallel to the peer-learning event on 21 March. A delegation of Tunisian representatives from the municipalities of Sfax and Sousse participated in a day of presentations and technical visits from the Greater Amman Municipality. They learned about Amman’s strategy for urban planning and local stakeholders working with the municipality on social cohesion.