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Project News: MC2CM launched the second phase of the project in Vienna, Austria

24 October 2018

From 17-18 October, the Mediterranean City-to-City Migration Project (MC2CM) launched its 2nd project phase. The event served as setting the grounds for the second phase, identifying thematic priorities and establishing the guidelines and principles for the next three years. The 2-day event hosted around 35 participants some of whom have already been part of the city network in the 1st Phase, whilst others were representing cities aiming to join the MC2CM network.

On 17 October, participants were presented with an overview of the project proposal and the work plan. In this framework, presentations were given by the partners’ consortium about the peer learning methodology, as well as the City Migration Profiles. An interactive workshop also took place, where participants attempted to answer the question of how information is shared among actors that interact with migrant populations within their city, taking the example of the City of Madrid.

The workshop followed with an interactive brainstorming session, where participants were asked to list their priorities for the peer-to-peer meetings for the second phase. The methodology of the thematic MC2CM Peer-to-Peer meetings was presented. Its aim is to enhance the quality of the exchanges, discussion and learnings of the meetings and to maximise the use of the time available. It also aimed at supporting the structure of outputs of the meeting both for participants to use and for the advocacy efforts of the partner’s organisations. Furthermore, an overview of the administrative and financial rules was presented in order to inform participants about how the logistics of the meetings will be carried out.

On 18 and 19 October, participants were invited to attend the Vienna Migration Conference, where UCLG Secretary General, Ms Emilia Saiz represented the voice of cities. Mr Michael Spindelegger, DG of ICMPD, and Ms Emilia Saiz, on behalf of UCLG signed a letter of intent to continue their fruitful collaboration on migration.

The 2nd phase of the MC2CM Project will be running from 2018 to 2021 and will continue being carried out by the partner consortium where ICMPD is the implementing agency, along with UCLG and UN-Habitat as partner agencies, being funded by the EU and SDC.


More information on the Mediterranean-City-to-City Migration project can be found here.