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Project News: MICIC Side-Event at Global Compact Stocktaking Meeting in Mexico 6-8 December

21 December 2017

ICMPD recently participated in the Preparatory Stocktaking Meeting for the Global Compact for Migration (GCM) from Monday, December 4th to Wednesday, December 6th in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. To coincide with this event, the Migrants in Countries in Crisis (MICIC): Supporting an Evidence-based Approach for Effective and Cooperative State Action project, funded by the European Union, held a panel discussion on lessons learnt that could benefit the GCM.

Considering that the global MICIC Initiative is, in effect, a miniature multilateral process, it has regularly been referenced as a centrepiece in the process to adopt the Global Compacts. ICMPD’s side event, involving representatives of the Ministry of the Interior of Mexico, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines, the European Commission, the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), thus focused on determining which of the lessons learnt by MICIC should be taken into consideration when moving ahead with the development of a global “migration agenda”.

Among the key messages which emerged from the discussion, panellists agreed unanimously that safe, orderly and regular migration requires continuous collaboration between all stakeholders, including countries of origin, transit and destination as well as civil society, international organisations and the private sector just as much as the collaboration of migrants themselves. Notwithstanding this, the experts stressed the leading role of governments, which should at all times remain the principle actors of the compact and facilitate the contribution of other parties.

Also drawing on the experience of MICIC, discussants referred to the simple and non-bureaucratic language as well as the principled and practical nature of the MICIC Guidelines, launched in the margins of the UN High Level Summit for Refugees and Migrants at UN headquarters in September 2016, as an example of a good practice outcome document that could be replicated in the GCM.

Acknowledging that it may not be possible to reach a full consensus by the end of the GCM intergovernmental negotiation phase in July 2018, the panellists proposed to set a separate timeline for topics which need further discussion, using MICIC’s three phase approach as inspiration.

More information on the MICIC project can be found here.