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Project News: MIEUX releases publication to look back on ten years of successful capacity building activities

17 December 2020

The joint EU-ICMPD Migration EU eXpertise Initiative has released a new publication ‘Building Bridges – Capacity Building on Migration and the MIgration EU eXpertise (MIEUX) 2009 – 2019’ offering concrete examples of the impact and value of capacity building on migration during its first ten years of implementation. The publication is available in English, French and Spanish.

The MIEUX+ team launched its 10-year publication ‘Building Bridges – Capacity Building on Migration and the MIgration EU eXpertise – 2009 – 2019’ during an online event organised on Tuesday 15 December.  Over 150 participants joined the event, including academics, civil society organisations, government delegates, and migration and development practitioners.

The event, moderated by Oleg Chirita, Head of Programme, Global Initiatives, featured Francesco Luciani, Head of Unit B3 Migration, Employment (DEVCO – European Commission) and Ralph Genetzke, Director, ICMPD Brussels Mission. Two delegates from partner countries that received support from MIEUX provided concrete examples about how the initiative helped them to build capacity in various areas of migration.

Dr Carmem Barros Furtado, President of the High Authority for Migration, Cabo Verde, explained MIEUX’s support when developing Municipal Action Plans for Immigration and Integration in 2017. In addition, Alejandro Austria de la Vega, Director of Relations with the Foreign Service at the Mexican National Institute of Migration, shared his experience of working with MIEUX on an Action where certified trainers from the European Asylum Support Agency (EASO) shared the content of their training curriculum on case assessment of international protection with INM officials.

Several members of the MIEUX team presented the key features and success factors of the initiative, as well as the way forward with the phase newly inaugurated called MIEUX+.

The publication Building Bridges – what is it about?

Building Bridges” commemorates the first decade of implementation by summarising the achievements and impact of the initiative and its role in building bridges between public officials, practitioners and institutions in Europe and partner countries.

The publication provides readers with a comprehensive analysis of the features and impact of the MIEUX Initiative, including a review of its practices, which have been developed, piloted, adjusted and calibrated to the priorities and interests of all the stakeholders involved during its first decade of operations (2009 – 2019). It is available in English, French and Spanish.

MIEUX 2009 - 2019

Operating since 2009 across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean or the EU Neighbourhood, and with a wide variety of actors, MIEUX (named MIEUX+ since April 2020) has allowed States to benefit from European expertise in all areas of migration, thus enhancing migration governance at various levels.

MIEUX has contributed to building bridges between the EU and partner countries by enhancing the understanding of migration and narratives; brought together various stakeholders to set national and regional migration goals; supported the establishment of institutional cooperation frameworks; equipped partners with tailor-made practices, solutions and policies; and, in general, initiated and developed new opportunities for cooperation.

By delving into MIEUX’s portfolio of 100+ interventions and presenting the highlights to the readers, the publication offers a glimpse of the broad range of tools, methodologies and approaches that can inspire public officials as well as migration and development practitioners in general to advance towards a cooperative and sustainable international architecture of migration.

MIEUX+: phase newly inaugurated in April 2020

Launched in April 2020, MIEUX+ focuses on delivering targeted support based on partner countries’ needs while building and fostering innovative partnerships with migration and development practitioners. MIEUX+ activities may also support  COVID-19 recovery efforts led by partner countries.

As stated by Alfred Woeger, Senior Project Manager, MIEUX+: "It is great to see many of our partners, experts and other stakeholders celebrating the first decade of implementation of MIEUX+. The strength of this initiative lies in its community of partners and experts dedicated and committed to contribute to a safe, orderly and regular migration. We look forward to continuing our work in the years to come!”

You can download the publication by accessing this web article.


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