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Project News: “MIgration EU eXpertise” (MIEUX) publishes 2018 Annual Report

11 June 2019

One of ICMPD’s flagship programmes, MIEUX, publishes its Annual Report for the year 2018, describing its main achievements in 26 countries and the special events held to celebrate ten years delivering capacity building on migration.

The MIgration EU eXpertise (MIEUX) Initiative is funded by the EU and has been implemented by ICMPD since December 2008. MIEUX exists to bring together migration-related institutions from partner countries, regional organisations and EU Member States to address the challenges and opportunities of migration in all its dimensions through rapid, tailor-made assistance in the form of capacity building activities.  Having reached over 100 countries, MIEUX contributes to strengthening global migration governance by fostering close-knit collaboration between partners and embedding ownership into each of its activities.

As Mr. Ralph Genetzke, MIEUX Programme Director and Head of ICMPD’s Brussels Mission, stated, “MIEUX, one of ICMPD’s flagship programmes, embodies ICMPD’s three-strand working philosophy of Policy and Research, Migration Dialogues and Capacity Building, mirroring the analytical, political and operational dimensions needed to deal with a world on the move”.

2018: 26 countries and one anniversary

Last year alone, 26 countries, including Belarus, Benin, Costa Rica, Malawi and Timor-Leste, were supported by MIEUX in areas as diverse as policy development, labour migration, social integration or fighting against trafficking in human beings (THB). Africa is the largest region in terms of Action portfolio, followed by Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). A selection of these projects is analysed by MIEUX’s Regional Coordinators in the section “Region by Region”. 

Aside from the regular activities, the report describes the special events held to commemorate MIEUX’s 10th anniversary: four Regional Knowledge Sharing Round-tables in Bangkok, Mexico City, Nairobi and Cotonou were held together with partners, as well as sessions organised during the 2018 European Development Days and the 11th Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) Summit. 

What’s next: the 3Cs-principle approach

During 2018, MIEUX strived to create spaces for exchanges, learning and reflection with its partners and the larger international community of migration practitioners. As Oleg Chirita, Programme Coordinator of Global Initiatives, reflects in the section “Looking forward to 2019”,  “A ‘3Cs-principle’ approach will guide MIEUX throughout 2019 by consolidating the way the team works, based on the recommendations of its partners; continuing to reinforce migration governance at global, regional, national and local levels through capacity building actions; and capitalising on the rich body of knowledge and practices that MIEUX has acquired and developed since its creation”.

In order to disseminate the lessons learnt and knowledge acquired throughout this first decade to a wide audience, during the second half of 2019 MIEUX will prepare a commemorative ten-year publication that will describe best practices in the area of capacity building on migration. 

Download the 2018 Annual Report in English or French