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Project News: Mission to Tripoli to meet with Libyan counterparts

26 February 2021

Marcello Giordani, Project Coordinator of the ICMPD Libya team, with Ambassador Eddeb, Director of the International Cooperation Department at the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the framework of its monthly missions to Libya, ICMPD representatives visited Tripoli in January 2021 to meet with Libyan counterparts to discuss ICMPD activities in Libya to finalise the contracting for the ICMPD Libya office. The activity took place under the framework of the EU-funded project “Strategic and Institutional Management of Migration in Libya”.

Upon arrival to Tripoli, the ICMPD Libya team met with the Secretary and Legal Advisor of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) to discuss the work of the HoR on migration and cooperation mechanisms with ICMPD. The HoR seeks the support of ICMPD with the review of migration related legislation, and they highlighted the need to work together to counter negative narratives on migration in Libya. Further, the HoR stressed the importance of a comprehensive national dialogue on migration to facilitate cooperation between the different actors working on migration issues. The opening of an office in Tripoli will allow for a more structured presence of ICMPD in Libya and it will be a positive step towards the implementation of ICMPD’s upcoming activities in the country.

Fruitful meetings were also held with Dr. Abdunasser Segayer, Chair of the National Team for Border and Security Management (NTSBM), as well as with Mr. Hatem Gharmul of the International Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), and Mr. Mohamed Musbah of the International Organisations Department of the MFA and ICMPD Focal Point. The main topics of discussion for the meetings focused on the remaining activities related to the ongoing project that is scheduled to finalise by the end of February as well as a general review of the provision of the Cooperation Agreement signed between Libya and ICMPD. The support to be provided by ICMPD on the development of a nationally owned migration policy and strategy was also discussed. 

Lastly, two ICMPD events took place during the mission to Tripoli, including a workshop with networks of local Libyan CSOs that you can read more about here. In addition, a preparatory meeting on the National Consultation on Migration was held with a group of Libyan civil servants, independent experts, civil society and private sector members, who discussed the next steps towards a comprehensive national dialogue on migration. 

The aim of the “Strategic and Institutional Management of Migration in Libya” project, which is implemented by ICMPD in collaboration with the Libyan National Team for Border Security and Management (NTBSM), is to support the efforts to improve the management of migration flows and the conditions of migrants in Libya.