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Project News: MMD support project – ADEPT partners with FAO

24 April 2019

The Africa Europe Diaspora Development Platform (ADEPT), which ICMPD helped to create and now supports under the MMD support project, has signed a partnership agreement with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO).

In Brussels, on 4 April 2019, the FAO and ADEPT committed to work together to enhance the positive contribution of migration to agricultural and rural development. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed during the FAO event ‘Food and Agriculture in Times of Crisis’. It will last three years and commits the two organisations to jointly develop, promote and strengthen actions in migration and rural development, with a special focus on the links between migration, agriculture and rural development, and the positive impact of migration for the development of countries of origin. 


FAO recognises the work diaspora communities are already doing in development and seeks to enhance and give visibility to such work through collaboration. Through technical knowledge and capacity, the two organisations will increase diaspora engagement, focusing on agribusiness and resource mobilisation.


Upon signing the memorandum, ADEPT President Khady Sakho Niang expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating “Migration is a development driver generating positive change at the local and international level. The African diaspora is one of the key actors of this process, bringing about financial, intellectual and social contribution. We hope the FAO-ADEPT cooperation will enable us to join energies, knowledge, networks and expertise in two interlinked areas, migration and agriculture, for the benefit of the African people and continent.”


On 28 March, a first demonstration of the collaboration preceded signature of the agreement with the joint ADEPT-FAO webinar on ‘Engaging diaspora in agribusiness by creating jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for youth”. 


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Visit ADEPT’s site to learn about its work engaging and empowering the diaspora as development actors.