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Project news: MMD Support Project - Celebrating ADEPT’s first year in Brussels

28 January 2019

ICMPD has been working with its partners to create and establish a permanent platform to connect African diaspora development organisations in Europe since 2011 when it was part of the consortium which cultivated the Africa-Europe Diaspora Platform pilot project. In the beginning of 2018, the Africa Europe Diaspora Development Platform (ADEPT) has become an independent full-functioning non-profit organisation.

Creating any new organisation is a challenge, but in the fragmented context of diaspora and with a membership structure across the European continent with connections stretching the length and breadth of the African continent, developing a sustainable platform which can operate successfully in the best interest of all its members has been no mean feat. Despite these challenges, ICMPD recognises the important role of diasporans as development actors and seeks to support initiatives which maximise the involvement of diaspora in international dialogue and cooperation.
ICMPD has been supporting the establishment of ADEPT as an organisation in its own right via grants under the Migration Mobility Dialogue Support Project (MMD) since 2014. 2018 saw a big step in this with the platform moving from London, where it had been hosted and incubated by the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD), and establishing itself as an international non-profit organisation in the Belgian system. ICMPD has accompanied ADEPT during this period of transition and has seen the platform successfully overcome administrative hurdles whilst consistently supporting its members and representing African diaspora development actors in high-level international dialogues.
In its first year as an autonomous organisation, ADEPT has expanded its activities with diaspora member organisations and African government partners. Particular highlights during the year came in the form of its Diaspora Development Dialogues (DDD), held in Dakar, Brussels and Marrakech in April, June and December respectively.
The final DDD of the year, was organised in Marrakech in collaboration with GIZ Morocco and the Moroccan Delegate Ministry to the Minister of Foreign Affairs during the Marrakech Migration Week, to coincide with the Global Forum on Migration and Development and the Intergovernmental Conference to Adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) and discussed ‘The role of the diaspora as catalyst for sustainable development of the implementation of the GCM’. Closing 2018 with a hugely successful event in Marrakech is symbolic both of the international recognition of the African diaspora as stakeholders and partners in development and of the great promise of ADEPT’s future.

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