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Project News: Seminar on India – EU Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility held

30 July 2019

On 10 July 2019, a one-day seminar on Sharing of Good Practices on Migration and Governance was held under the India EU Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility framework.

The seminar was co-implemented by ICMPD and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in local partnership with the India Centre for Migration (ICM) and preceded the 5th India EU High Level Dialogue on Migration and Mobility.
The seminar addressed three key priority areas of the India EU Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility endorsed in 2016: better organizing and promoting regular migration, preventing and combatting irregular migration and maximizing the development impact of migration. Government stakeholders and technical experts shared good practices from India and the EU addressing these three pillars.

The seminar highlighted some of the practical approaches undertaken by the EU, EU Member States, and India to facilitate mobility of high-skilled professionals and students, as well as initiatives to raise awareness on the risks and consequences of irregular migration and efforts towards assisted voluntary return and strategic engagement with diaspora.

Key topics for further India EU cooperation on migration governance were:

Ease of access to reliable migration data:

  • Strengthen access and cross-sharing of data between governments in a dynamic way
  • Enhance compatibility and comparability of data by addressing gaps in documentation and varying terminologies
  • Share data on labour projections (opportunities, focus sectors) and irregular migrants

Scope of policy on migration governance: Adapting a multi-faceted policy approach that builds on existing initiatives and engages in a futuristic vision, which incorporates:

  • Reflections on new forms of mobility such as start-ups, entrepreneurial ventures, small and medium scale enterprises 
  • Concerted actions to reduce refusal of entry or interception of Indian migrants at EU borders, both at sea and land, due to lack of valid travel documents.
  • Sharing of good practices and mutual learning to streamline migration and mobility

The seminar was attended by 130 participants, including 75 representatives from the EU institutions, EU Member States, Government of India, and 55 technical experts and academicians. The seminar also witnessed the launch of two knowledge products developed by the project implementing partners, a handbook titled ‘Integration of Indians In Italy’ and a checklist for students titled “Prepare for your Study in Europe”

Additional infographics were prepared, and can be downloaded here.

Download the full report of the meeting here.

More information on the EU-India Project can be found here.