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Project News: Sfax Municipality hosts MC2CM event in urban migration governance

3 July 2019

On 25-26 June 2019, the Mediterranean City-to-City Migration project (MC2CM) held its second sub-regional peer-learning event on coordination with civil society for improved local governance.

Hosted by the Municipality of Sfax, Tunisia, the event convened more than 60 participants representing 17 cities of the Euro-Mediterranean region, 4 networks of cities, 10 civil society organisations, as well as local and international experts. The event tackled the realities, challenges and opportunities brought about by cooperating with civil society organisations in the field of migration in cities. 

The MC2CM Policy Recommendations highlight that “effective integration measures and inclusive policies require multi-stakeholder governance mechanisms. Civil society organisations (CSOs) are necessary to provide or support access to public services. Their role is also crucial in helping local communities to understand diversity without tensions and to explore common values”. 

In this sense, participants recognise the role and added value of the local civil society in supporting rights-based migration governance. However, cooperation with CSOs and NGOs brings about a number of challenges, including the allocation of resources, sharing of competences, training of staff, communication to beneficiaries, and coordination mechanisms. 

The conclusions and recommendations extracted from this event pave the way for MC2CM’s work on multi-level governance in cities. Indeed, in the framework of its first Call for Targeted City Actions, MC2CM awarded grants to a number of cities and their civil society partners to implement local projects seeking to improve access to rights and services, and social cohesion. 

Participants to the event were selected following a competitive application process, and tested innovative learning and exchange methodologies, such as interactive presentations and story-telling.