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Project News: SIDEM workshop on "Analysis of Interaction between Development Policy and Migration"

21 March 2018

Within the scope of the Support the Implementation of Development-sensitive Migration Policies in Turkey (SIDEM) Project, as part of the preparation of Development-sensitive Migration Strategy and Action Plan framework of Component 2, the first multi-stakeholder consultation workshop on “Analysis of Interaction between Development Policies and Migration” was organised in Ankara, Turkey on 13 March 2018.

A total of 80 experts/representatives coming from 32 public institutions (central and local level), private organizations, professional bodies, unions, NGOs, and academia participated to the Workshop. The participants were specifically defined and invited according to their roles, experiences, responsibilities and/or services within the overall process of development policy formulation and implementation. Indeed, following the welcoming and briefing sessions, 12 working groups were formed and participants analysed the interaction between all thematic issues within three focus areas of sustainable development: economic, social and built/unbuilt environment on the basis of four categories of migration: regular, irregular, international protection, temporary protection.

The Analysis Workshop provided stakeholders to define and discuss the existing interaction between migration and development in the below thematic areas of “Strategy/Scenario Matrix” and existing policy frameworks affecting this interaction in different ways including Turkey’s 10th National Development Plan and Sustainable Development Goals. 

The Workshop specifically focused on to find out whether the interaction between migration and the policy framework/theme is positive or negative on the basis of the respective category of migration/migrant. The chosen workshop and group-work methods aimed to ensure that relevant stakeholders are involved in the policy analysis are provided by a common ground to discuss, work together and came up with different perspectives. The Workshop report will be produced and outcomes will be reflected into the Development-sensitive Migration Strategy and Action Plan framework. Following regional level multi-stakeholder workshops, two other consecutive workshops will be organised in Ankara with the participation of the same participants to develop strategies and action plan proposals on the basis of the Analysis Workshop and regional workshops.