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Project News: Six new briefs on EU-India migration management

9 October 2020

Preventing irregular migration and addressing the smuggling of migrants and trafficking in human beings, as outlined in the India-EU Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility (CAMM) is a priority area. Equally important is facilitating Indian migration to meet the needs of European companies and the EU economy as a whole.

Against this background, six new briefs on EU-India migration management have been published. These documents cover Preventing and Tackling Irregular Migration; Regular Migration and Well Managed Mobility; Entrepreneurship Sector; IT Sector; Automotive Sector; and Maximising Development Impact of Migration and Mobility

In addition to offering a snapshot of irregular mobility within the EU-India corridor - and highlighting ongoing Indian and EU efforts to prevent it - the briefs look at the positive contribution of migration, since India is a source of low-skilled and high-skilled migrants for destination countries in the EU.

Indian migration plays an important role in facilitating EU developments in the fields of science, technology, research, agriculture, agro-business, services and education to name but a few.

At the Migration Governance Seminar held in New Delhi in 2019, it was decided that six briefs would be produced to highlight the key insights exchanged and recommendations made on different aspects of migration management between the EU and India. This took place within the framework of the EU-India CDMM project, being implemented by ICMPD and ILO in cooperation with its local partner, India Centre for Migration (ICM) since 2017. 

More information on the EU-India project can be found here.