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Project News: Supporting evidence-based migration policy development in North Africa: exploring government-academia partnership

17 July 2018

EMM4 held Regional Consultation workshop on supporting evidence-based migration policy development in North Africa, and exploring government-academia partnership in order to improve migration governance, on June 28 in Tunis. The conference was organised within the framework of the EMM4 programme, financed by the European Union, and implemented by ICMPD.

The EMM4 programme supports EU Member States and European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) Southern Partner Countries in establishing a comprehensive, constructive and operational dialogue and cooperation framework on migration, with a particular focus on reinforcing instruments and capacities to develop and implement evidence-based migration policies.

The one-day conference brought together around 30 academics researchers working on migration and other relevant disciplines, all representing the North-African Region such as representatives from Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia, as well as the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre’s Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography.

The above mentioned countries are deeply rooted in the historical trans-Mediterranean migration dynamics. Furthermore, the recent increase in migrant and refugee flows in the region have shaken governance mechanisms on both sides of the Mediterranean. In this framework, the EMM4 programme is committed to foster legal migration governance systems in the region, notably through cooperation between relevant stakeholders, amongst which academics and researchers. This was showcased in Regional Portfolio Manager Tobias Metzner‘s presentation on ICMPD’s approach to evidence-based policy making and migration governance, which paved the way to an engaging discussion regarding government-academia partnerships.

Participants from the event will be receiving a proposal showcasing what and how academia can contribute to evidence-based migration policy-making, and what effective governance of this process would entail.