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Project News: The fourth phase of the Migration EU Expertise Initiative is launched

30 April 2020

The joint EU-ICMPD Migration EU eXpertise (MIEUX) Initiative, one of ICMPD’s longest-running projects, initiates a new phase for an initial three-year period. The joint Initiative is a capacity building facility that provides partners in Africa, Asia, the EU Neighbourhood, and Latin America and the Caribbean with short-term, technical assistance through tailored activities that match the expertise required by the requesting partner country.

Since launching operations in 2009, MIEUX has concluded 109 projects worldwide by deploying mixed teams of migration experts that originate mostly from within, but also outside, EU Member States. This winning formula has ensured MIEUX’s continuity and recognition as one of the main capacity building programmes on migration and global level.

Examples of cooperation

Praised for its collaborative nature and hailed by project beneficiaries as “eye-opening” for its ability to bring together different institutions and instil a different mind set in those who have participated in its activities, MIEUX has been involved in several key projects these past few years, for example:


Building on its extensive portfolio, the initiative enters its fourth phase by maintaining its essential features through a ‘five-C approach’. While capitalising on the key features, practices and outcomes of the previous and current phases, MIEUX+ will aim to consolidate innovative methods and approaches to deliver capacity building by ensuring continuity to this world-renowned EU facility while generating complementarities with various initiatives at the EU and global levels and by forging policy and institutional coherence.

Key facts

MIEUX is a joint initiative funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD). Since 2009, over 120 countries across the world have benefited from MIEUX capacity building activities delivered by close to 430 migration experts hailing from EU and Global South public administrations as well as from the academic and private sectors. In the last phase alone, MIEUX III concluded 61 Actions in four continents. Over 5000 individuals participated in MIEUX III workshops, study visits, and round-tables, representing an increase of 42% over the previous phase. 92% of participants reported that taking part in MIEUX’s activities has made a real difference to the way they do their jobs and 97% of experts have reported that they see their participation as beneficial to their careers.

More information about MIEUX and its portfolio is available on the MIEUX website.