ICMPD runs around 60+ projects a year. Use the filters below to get an overview of our projects. 

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Improving Migration Data Management Capacities of National Institutions in Lebanon

Danish Assistance to General Security and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants in Lebanon


Asylum and International Protection / Border Management and Security / Diaspora and Migrants

(BMCI / GFCI): Border Management Project in Côte D’Ivoire

Border Management Project in Côte D’Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire

Border Management and Security

ECOIMPACT: Assessment of the Contribution to the Turkish Economy by Syrians under Temporary Protection


Cross Cutting Topics / Migration and Development / Economy, Education and Private Sector / Research / Legal and Labour Migration / Research

NACORAC: Supporting the Institutional Capacity of the National Coordination and Joint Risk Analysis Centre


Border Management and Security / Capacity Development / Border Management / Border / Border Management and Security / External Border / Integrated Border Management Policy / Information System / Integrated Border Management

ANAPOL: Enhancing Analysis and Operational Capacity to Improve Legal Migration Policy in Turkey


Cross Cutting Topics / Policy / Residence Permit / Legal Migration / Legal Entry / Data management / Legal Migrant / Legal and Labour Migration

INTOP: Integration Experiences of Chechens in Austria. Opportunities and obstacles

Integrationserfahrungen von TschetschenInnen in Österreich. Potenziale und Hürden (INTOP)


Integration and Social Cohesion / Research

Netherlands Assistance to Lebanese Border Agencies Lebanon (IBM) – Phase V: Establishing Lebanon as a Driver of Regional Border Management Partnerships

The project will support the positioning of the Lebanese border agencies, under the lead of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), as effective national and regional providers of border management training and capacity development. This will further professionalise border management capacities within Lebanon, and will directly contribute to the development of national and regional states’ border capacities, in addition to facilitating closer functional regional cooperation. It represents a continuation and logical evolution of previous assistance provided by The Netherlands since 2015.


Border Management and Security / Border Management and Security

FARIM 2: Female beneficiaries of asylum and subsidiary protection in the labour market

Weibliche Asyl- und subsidiär Schutzberechtigte auf dem Arbeitsmarkt (FARIM 2)


Asylum and International Protection / Integration and Social Cohesion / Research

Novel Strategies to Fight Child Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking Crimes and Protect their Victims (HEROES)

HEROES Project

Austria / Bangladesh / Belgium / Brazil / Bulgaria / Colombia / France / Greece / Ireland / Latvia / Lithuania / Portugal / Spain / Switzerland / United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Governance / Research / Trafficking in human beings

Capacity for a Rights-Based Reception System for Moldova (CareFor)


Capacity Development / Return and Reintegration


Eastern Partnership region / Western Balkan / Africa

Migration and Development / Skills Matching / Legal and Labour Migration / Migration and Development