ICMPD runs around 60+ projects a year. Use the filters below to get an overview of our projects. 

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Integration Experiences of Chechens in Austria. Opportunities and obstacles (INTOP)

Integrationserfahrungen von TschetschenInnen in Österreich. Potenziale und Hürden (INTOP)


Integration and Social Cohesion / Research

Novel Strategies to Fight Child Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking Crimes and Protect their Victims (HEROES)

HEROES Project

Austria / Bangladesh / Belgium / Brazil / Bulgaria / Colombia / France / Greece / Ireland / Latvia / Lithuania / Portugal / Spain / Switzerland / United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Governance / Research / Trafficking in human beings

Capacity for a Rights-Based Reception System for Moldova (CareFor)


Capacity Development / Return and Reintegration


Eastern Partnership region / Western Balkan / Africa

Migration and Development / Legal and Labour Migration / Legal and Labour Migration / Skills Matching / Migration and Development

EU4IBMTR - Drafting of a National IBM Strategy and Updating of the National Action Plan to Implement Turkey’s IBM Strategy


Border Management and Security / Capacity Development / Policy / Border Management Policy / Integrated Border Management Policy / Integrated Border Management / Border / Border Management


Study on the Diasporas’ Contributions to the Socio-Economic Development in the Western Balkans

Bosnia and Herzegovina / Montenegro / Serbia / Kosovo* ‘All references to Kosovo in this content should be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999). / Albania / North Macedonia / Austria / Germany / Italy / Sweden / Switzerland

Diaspora and Migrants / Governance

ProGreS II

Governance of Migration


Capacity Development

African Diaspora Investment Marketplace (ADIM): African Diaspora Investment Marketplace (ADIM)

Morocco / Rwanda / Ghana / Gabon / South Africa

Diaspora and Migrants / Migration Dialogues

Swiss Support to Integrated Border Management in Lebanon (Phase 3)

Supporting Lebanon in fostering human rights-based border and migration management


Border Management and Security / Capacity Development / Cross Cutting Topics

MoNIS: Modernizing Nigeria Immigration Service Workforce



Capacity Development / Policy / Policy / Governance

Training Institute on Migration Capacity Partnership for the Mediterranean


Jordan / Libya / Morocco / Lebanon / Tunisia

Capacity Development