AVSEC Call for Expert “Landside Security

AVSEC Call for Expert “Landside Security” – Reinforcing Aviation Security at Rafic Hariri International Airport

Project description

The overall objective of the action is to reduce the probabilities of a terrorist attack against the Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport, or the use of the airport to carry out attacks against airlines or passengers, as well as reducing the risk of terrorists and other criminals using the airport facilities undetected.

The specific objective of the action is to improve the security of Rafic Hariri International Airport, through the following outputs: 

Improved coordination and cooperation among airport security agencies; 

Increased surveillance and security capacities of the relevant security agencies at the airport; 

Improved infrastructure through the provision of equipment and infrastructural support to the relevant security agencies at the airport. 


Tasks to be carried out include:

Activity 1: 

- Prepare the agenda, tailor-made outlines and input/presentations for a 3-day workshop on the topic of landside security on strategic and operational level with an emphasis on inter-agency cooperation; 

- Coordinate and prepare with an EU MS a 3-day study visit on the topic of  landside security (following the initial workshop) 

- Prepare the agenda, tailor-made outlines and input/presentations for a 2-day seminar following the workshop and study visit in order to formulate joint procedures on landside security; 

Activity 2: Conduct a 3-day workshop for selected participants of the Airport Security Apparatus and CERSA in order to provide the participants with an overview for the following topics: 

- Explain international requirements for landside security and elaborate on their content

- Present threat scenarios and the likely methods of attack

- Highlight the most common potential vulnerabilities in landside security 

- Explain the existing possible mitigation measures 

- Introduce the current best practices in assessment and monitoring of landside security 

Activity 3: Conduct a 3-day study visit to an EU-MS for selected participants of the Airport Security Apparatus and CERSA in regards to the area of landside security and the topics discussed during the workshop. 

Activity 4: Conduct a 2-day seminar for selected participants of the Airport Security Apparatus and CERSA following the activities 2 and 3 in order to conclude a joint formulation on the issue of landside security 

Activity 5: Submit  detailed reports on workshop/study visit/seminar learning points and outcomes, including recommendation for future development specifically addressing inter-agency cooperation


Workshop/Seminar Dossiers incl. agenda/presentation 

Study visit dossier incl. agenda

Workshop/Seminar/Study visit report incl. participants’ evaluation 

Maximum number of working days

20 (twenty) 

Duration of the contract

August – December 2019

Reporting lines

The Expert will report to the Senior Programme Specialist for the Middle East, Border Management and Security Programme (BMS). The expert will also closely coordinate with the respective Project Manager, who will oversee the day to day aspects of the expert’s output.


Qualifications and Experience

University degree in Police/Security Studies, Policy analysis, Engineering or related field is required. 

At least 5-7 years of prior work experience in the field of airport security, border management, security sector etc. especially in the regional and international context. 

At least five (5) years of experience working in organizational development and capacity building related to airport security;

Excellent writing and Demonstrated analytical skills, clarify in writing, ability in translating abstract concepts into concrete actions/recommendations are all required. 

Substantial knowledge and experience in preparation and delivering of training/workshop sessions related to airport/aviation security, monitoring and evaluation;

Experience at working with senior management of Border Security, Police and Customs services

Understanding of the Lebanese security context, previous experience in Lebanon or the Middle East is an asset 

Ability to establish good working relations with a multinational/ multi-disciplinary team

Experience of working in sensitive ethnic, political and confessional environments

English proficiency in writing is a requirement. Arabic is an asset 

Application Process

Interested experts should send their CV and an indication of the training topic of interest via email to AVSEC_Lebanon@icmpd.org  so as to be included in the project expert roster. CVs will be selected from the roster on an ad-hoc basis. ICMPD cannot guarantee that all experts in the roster will receive assignments.


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