Open tenders for the provision of services, works or supplies required for ICMPD's regular and project activities shall be published on ICMPD eTendering Platform. Calls for proposals under grant funding, shall be published on this site, as such opportunities occur. ICMPD is strongly committed to observing the highest standards in its procurement activities in order to achieve Best Value for Money (BVM) comprising the following principles:

  1. Economy and effectiveness;
  2. Fairness, integrity and transparency;
  3. Avoidance of conflict of interest and adherence to ICMPD’s Code of Conduct;
  4. Interests of ICMPD;
  5. Proportionality; and
  6. Adherence to the United Nations (UN) Global Compact.

Suppliers of goods and services wishing to enter into business relations with ICMPD are required to declare and warrant that they are not found in situations of:

  1. bankruptcy, insolvency or winding-up procedures;
  2. breach of obligations relating to the payment of taxes or social security contributions;
  3. grave professional misconduct, including mis-representation
  4. fraud;
  5. corruption;
  6. conduct related to a criminal organisation;
  7. money laundering or terrorist financing;
  8. terrorist offences or offences linked to terrorist activities;
  9. child labour and trafficking in human beings.

Suppliers of goods and services wishing to enter into business relations with ICMPD are encouraged to register on ICMPD eTendering Platform in order to be notified about procurement opportunities.

If your company is already registered in the ICMPD eTendering Platform please follow the link here.

If your company is not yet registered in the ICMPD eTendering Platform, please follow the link here to complete the registration.

Suppliers’ manual for ICMPD eTendering Platform can be accessed here.

ICMPD Data Protection Rules and Procedure can be accessed here.

Tenderers shall be advised that ICMPD does not use procurement agents. Any approach by a third party claiming to be an official agent from ICMPD should be reported to ICMPD procurement team immediately at
Kindly note that ICMPD does not charge any fee at any stage of its procurement process (vendor registration, tender submission) or other fee.  Visit our website to see the latest business opportunities with ICMPD.


*** Disclaimer ***

All procurement Tenders and RFQs publishes after the 1st of February, apply the new Procurement and Contracting rules (file: New Procurement and Contracting Rules as February 2024), available on our downloads section.

All procurement Tender and RFQ published before 1st of February 2024, apply the previous Procurement and Contracting rules (file: Previous Procurement and Contracting Rules as September 2022) available on our downloads section.



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