Call for Expert - Expert on Return and Reintegration (Operations), ERRIN


The European Return and Reintegration Network (ERRIN) is a joint initiative of 15 EU Member States and Associated Contries, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency / FRONTEX and the European Commission. The objective of the network is to facilitate the return & reintegration of third country nationals to their countries of origin through the development and implementation of joint projects. ERRIN is funded by the Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME) and its 15 Member States. The Netherlands (Ministry of Justice and Security, Return & Departure Service) is the leading partner in this project, taking overall operational and financial responsibility. The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is the implementing partner of the initiative, providing horizontal and technical support. In its current phase, ERRIN has a duration of 48 months, from June 2018 until June 2022. As core activity, ERRIN provides post-arrival and reintegration assistance to persons that return to their countries of origin.


ERRIN team is looking for an Expert to assist them with  the tasks below:

Task 1 : Project development 

ERRIN plans an extension of its current service provider portfolio to further develop the service model based on stronger administrative ownership. To ensure a level of performance and quality compliance with the new service delivery model, ERRIN plans an increase of its investment in capacity building and training of its service partners.

Specific tasks:

  • Assist ERRIN PMU to identify potential service partners willing to work with ERRIN and its proposed service model.  This task also includes identifying potential operational partners for specific activities, for example additional trainings, job counselling or target-group based support.
  • Assist ERRIN PMU on the certification of service partners prior to contracting/agreement, according to the ERRIN certification process.
  • Provide initial capacity building of new service providers, , in line with ERRIN requirements and procedures.
  • Provide guidance and support to ERRIN service partners in using RIAT, in co-operation with the ERRIN PMU RIAT team.
  • Assist and support service providers explore possibilities for post-arrival referral.
  • Provide continued capacity building during project implementation to enhance the quality (administrative and content) of the work.  This is possible via flexible arrangements, such as video-conference and a peer-to-peer learning environment.
  • Perform periodic financial checks to monitor the quality of bookkeeping and internal financial certification processes, upon request of the ERRIN Financial Manager. 

Task 2: Dialogue between service partners and member states 

ERRIN maintains direct dialogue between its Member States and service partners. This activity requires a significant amount of logistical planning and operational support. Moreover, additional expertise in the field of reintegration services is required to facilitate debates for identifying challenges/opportunities for ERRIN partners.

Specific tasks: 

  • Assist the organisation/set-up of the  regional / global conferences in terms of content and methodology
  • Facilitate the associated dialogue between the ERRIN partners within the regional / global conferences
  • Contribute, as required, to direct dialogues between return counsellors and service providers (through virtual briefings and exchanges set up by ERRIN PMU).
  • Assist the broader dialogue with the ERRIN partners on different operational topics, as required. 


This is a task-based assignment. The expert is called upon to perform tasks whenever needed, within these terms of reference and the ERRIN work-plan.

Reporting lines

The Expert will report either to Senior Project Managers or the ERRIN Financial Manager, depending  on the nature of the tasks. The Expert performs his work under the overall co-ordination by the Senior Programme Manager of the ERRIN PMU in Brussels.

Qualifications and Experience

  • A minimum of 5 years position-specific and recent experience in management of projects in multiple countries or multi-sector project in one country in the field of migration.
  • Operational knowledge and understanding of return and reintegration service delivery, including knowledge of different national processes of reintegration service delivery.
  • Recent experience in developing and implementing trainings on different levels and using different methods and tools (pedagogical skills). 
  • Practical knowledge of monitoring and evaluation systems, ability to identify and apply appropriate and effective indicators.
  • Excellent communication and public speaking skills to provide appropriate status updates to a variety of internal and external stakeholders.

Material to be provided by ICMPD

  • ERRIN team will provide all the necessary documents and information prior to every assignment

Budget  and daily fee of the assignment

  • The Expert will be reimbursed based on the actual days worked on a specific assignment.
  • The Expert will be contracted for a maximum number of 100 working days.
  • The daily fee is set at 450 EUR and the maximum budget is 45 000 EUR.

Application Process

  • Interested candidates are kindly requested to send their CVs to by 2 November 2020 COB.

Administrative Information 

Travel Information 

Travel is organised according to ERRIN Travel Policy and ICMPD Rules. The Expert shall receive from ERRIN PMU a travel itinerary for the foreseen activities abroad. Travel by the most effective and economic mode of transportation shall be authorised. Deviations from the approved itinerary reflecting private preferences shall be borne by the Expert. Tickets for air travel will be provided by ERRIN PMU for the most direct and economic flight in economy class. For pre-authorised travel by train, the Expert will purchase second class tickets and be reimbursed upon submission of the tickets and a proof of purchase.  Private car usage may be authorised upon provision of the Private Vehicle Liability Waiver form ensuring adequate insurance coverage for damage to third parties, the vehicle and transported passengers and goods. The reimbursement entitlement is calculated based on a kilometric allowance rate according to the Dutch AMIF Rules. The rate covers all vehicle travel costs including toll fees, parking and fuel costs. 

The Expert shall be entitled to receive a daily subsistence allowance (DSA) from ICMPD for authorised missions. The DSA shall be deemed to cover the costs of accommodation, meals, transportation to/from airports, bus or train stations, in-town transportation (such as train, bus, tram, metro, taxi) at the place of destination, gratuities and other incidental costs. A full DSA is applicable for each night spent on official missions outside the place of residence, including travel time. In case where accommodation and/or meals are provided free of charge by ICMPD, a government or a related institution, the amount of daily subsistence allowance will be reduced accordingly.. Other mission-related costs, are reimbursed based on AMIF eligibility rules and upon submission of supporting documentation. 

Payment Information 

For mission-related payments, the Expert shall send the following documentation by email not later than two (2) weeks following the return to the place of residence:

  • signed and completed statement of mission expenses with all relevant documents, such as boarding passes (inbound and outbound), ETIX/flight/train ticket and receipts for expenditures in addition to the DSA;
  • a completed, dated and signed travel report. 

For payment of the fees for the assignment, the Expert needs to submit - on the templates provided by ICMPD and in line with the payment schedule stated in the contract:

  • timesheet(s), duly completed in line with instructions, dated and signed;
  • counter-signed contract;
  • signed payment claim(s) reflecting the days/hours worked as per submitted timesheets.

The payment to the bank account indicated by the Expert will only be processed after certification by ICMPD that the required services have been satisfactorily performed. 

The Payment Claim and Travel Claim will be processed together in a single payment. The Expert is therefore requested to submit all documentation together to:

Ms.Alena Huss and Ms Ana Paladi

Orginal documentation should be sent to the following adress:

ERRIN Office

Attn: Ana Paladi

Avenue de Cortenbergh 4-10, 1040 Brussels, Belgium


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