Call for Experts: Enhancement of Entrepreneurship Capacities for Sustainable Socio-Economic Integration (ENHANCER) Project)

Project Description

The overall objective of the Project is to contribute to the socio-economic inclusion of the Syrians under Temporary Protection (SuTPs) to the local host communities (LHCs) through improving employment and livelihood opportunities. 

The specific objectives are: 

a) To increase the entrepreneurial activity of the SuTPs and the LHCs by providing an enabling environment and support in creation of new products and markets, which are tradable beyond the local market

b) To get Local entrepreneurial ecosystems more effective and inclusive for the SuTPs and the LHCs

c) To improve the policy development and the coordination of the policy implementation related to the socio-economic integration of SuTPs at the national, regional and local levels

Project`s target groups are:

  • Potential and existing entrepreneurs among the SuTPs and LHCs who are engaged in locally selected products and services
  • National level institutions related to entrepreneurship, development as well as migration policy and implementation
  • Local institutions which provide services to entrepreneurs,
  • Ultimately, SuTPs and LHCs host community entrepreneurs in general and SuTPs and LHCs host community labour force are among final beneficiaries of the ENHANCER project.

Target (implementation) Provinces of ENHANCER Project are as follows:

Adana, Ankara, Bursa, Gaziantep, Hatay, İstanbul, İzmir, Kayseri, Konya, Mersin, and Şanlıurfa.

The project is being funded by the European Union for 48 months, starting on January 2020 and ending as of December 2023.


Increasing number of SuTPs in Turkey over the last decade has gradually shifted Turkey`s policy orientation from short-term and humanitarian/basic needs-based focus to a more comprehensive migration-sensitive policy approach. Accordingly, socio-economic inclusion of SuTPs to the LHCs remains as a key area considering the local and regional migration policy framework. As outlined in the Updated Strategic Concept Note for FRIT-II released in late 2018, entrepreneurship has been set as a strategic subject for intervention in enabling migrants and host communities have access to dignified sustainable livelihoods. Therefore, entrepreneurship opportunities for SuTPs and LHCs must be developed and encouraged taking into account regional characteristics and local market needs while these are also empowered on the central and local level policy making.

Main Project Activities

  • Basic and technical skills training for potential entrepreneurs,
  • Matching potential and existing entrepreneurs,
  • Mentoring for potential and existing entrepreneurs,
  • Grants for establishment of local entrepreneurship community hubs,
  • Grants for start-ups
  • Grants for local institutions to improve their services for the entrepreneurs,
  • Technical assistance to national level institutions in managing economic development and migration nexus

Short-Term Expert Involvement and the Scope of Work

For upcoming project activities targeting the local ecosystem development, ICMPD seeks to engage Short-Term Experts to conduct needs assessment analysis and prepare business development plans, and propose management models for Local Common Use Facilities (LCUFs). 

Needs Assessment and Business Development Plan preparation studies will be conducted for the LCUFs supported by LCUF Grant Scheme Programme of ENHANCER Project. These studies will identify the suitable infrastructure that might be transformed to "common-use facilities” as grantees of the Grant Scheme Programme. By further providing entrepreneur-specific services and forming a collective space for trainings and events, the facilities (LCUFs) will function as a hub and a community of entrepreneurs. Hence, LCUFs will be designed as critical focal points as entrepreneurial hubs/community centres in which SuTPs and LCHs peers can interact and have access to several services they need.  Needs Assessment and Business Development Plan preparation studies will be conducted in order to place, service and infrastructure requirements and governance of the LCUFs. This will strengthen the local entrepreneurial ecosystems and promote establishment of further opportunities for labour market integration of SuTPs, which will ensure their contribution to overall economic development of Turkey, with their investments.

After needs assessment and business development plan preparation studies, different types of LCUFs are going to be classified and Management Models will be designed for each of the categories as a separate study. Inclusive management models that will ensure sustainability of the facilities will be designed according to the three main pillars of this project; (i) mission-oriented, (ii)place-based, and (iii) collaboration centred. Each business model will consider target products, location, and services provided by the LCUF as an integral part of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem with a particular attention on building collaboration. Management models will also include guidance on good financial management for the LCUFs to ensure their sustainability beyond the life time of the project. Management models would have specific arrangements for women and youth in terms of communication and outreach. The LCUFs will also be inclusive for the SuTPs and host community potential entrepreneurs regardless of their attendance in other activities presented in the project or benefiting from grant supports as an inclusive community centre.

The Experts (to be contracted according to ICMPD Recruitment Procedures) are expected to conduct studies by making desk & field researches, and analysis as well as co-operating with relevant stakeholders and deliver trainings of the models when necessary. 

Required Qualifications

  • Graduate Degree in Social or Natural Sciences. Post-graduate degree in relevant field will be an asset.
  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant professional/academic experience in at least one of the following fields:
  • Migration
  • Economics and/or Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Development and/or Strategy and Business Design
  • Market and Customer Development
  • Regional Development
  • Sector assessments and development
  • Business development consultancy
  • Institutional capacity building
  • At least one previous experience in working with CUF/ Incubator/Business Development Centre Project is strongly preferred,
  • Professional experience in International Donor-Funded Projects,
  • Professional experience in working with relevant public institutions in Turkey,
  • Excellent drafting/writing and analysis skills,
  • Advanced level of Microsoft Office skills,
  • Excellent oral and written English/Turkish

Procedure for expression of interest

Experts interested in taking part in ENHANCER Project as Short Term Experts (STEs) are kindly invited to apply by sending their up-to-date CVs and indicating their area of interests and strengths via an email sent to the following email address and to register in the Expert Roster at the ICMPD website:

Project email address: 

ICMPD expert roster:

This call for experts is published to build a pool of experts for the project and thus it will only be possible for the project team to contact the experts who are considered to be recruited for certain project activities. Please apply only if your CV corresponds with the desired profile. This call will be open for the duration of the Project. 


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