Call for Sector Experts on Textile and Ready Garment

Project Description 

The overall objective of the Project is to contribute to the socio-economic inclusion of the Syrians under temporary protection in Turkey (SuTPs) to the local host communities (LHCs) through improving employment and livelihood opportunities 

The specific objectives are: 

a. Increased entrepreneurial activity of the SuTPs and the LHCs by providing an enabling environment and support in creation of new products and markets, which are tradable beyond the local market,

b. Local entrepreneurial ecosystems are more effective and inclusive for the SuTPs and the LHCs,

c. Policy development related to socio-economic integration of SuTPs and coordination of the implementation of those policies are improved at the national, regional and local levels,

d. Employment opportunities of the SuTPs and local host communities increased through strengthening the performance of the market operators.

Project`s target groups are:

  • Potential and existing entrepreneurs among the SuTPs and LHCs willing to engage in locally selected products and services,
  • Existing SMEs and cooperatives which have potential to create new job and livelihood opportunities.
  • National level institutions related to entrepreneurship, development as well as migration policy and implementation,
  • Local institutions which provide services to entrepreneurs,
  • Ultimately, SuTPs and LHCs host community entrepreneurs in general and SuTPs and LHCs host community labour force are among final beneficiaries of the ENHANCER project.


Increasing number of SuTPs in Turkey over the last decade has gradually shifted Turkey`s policy orientation from short-term and humanitarian/basic needs-based focus to a more comprehensive migration-sensitive policy approach. Accordingly, socio-economic inclusion of SuTPs to the LHCs remains as a key area considering the local and regional migration policy framework. As outlined in the Updated Strategic Concept Note for FRIT-II released in late 2018, entrepreneurship has been set as a strategic subject for intervention in enabling refugees and host communities have access to dignified sustainable livelihoods. Therefore, entrepreneurship opportunities for SuTPs and LHCs must be developed and encouraged taking into account regional characteristics and local market needs while these are also empowered on the central and local level policy-making.

Short-Term Sector Expert Involvement

Short-Term Sector Experts to be contracted according to ICMPD Recruitment Procedures will be expected to conduct basic local value chain analysis and research for the identification of and reporting on target products and services within the sector of Textile and Ready Garment in the provinces of Bursa, Konya, Şanlıurfa, İzmir, and Gaziantep. A Short Term Sector Expert is expected to fully cover the sector in the provinces of concern. 



Textile and ready garment

Bursa, Konya, Şanlıurfa, İzmir, Gaziantep

From a broad view, the assignment that will be carried out by Short Term Sector Experts will serve increasing the entrepreneurial activity of the SuTPs and the LHCs by providing an enabling environment and support in creation of new products and markets, which are tradable beyond the local market.

More specifically, the assignment will serve the identification of target products and services in the sector of textile and ready garment provinces through basic value chain analysis and upgrading plans. The assignment further includes data collection for basic level feasibility and competitiveness studies and "how to do?" guides of the target products and services for the potential entrepreneurs. 

The Short Term Sector Experts will conduct desk and field research on the sector of textile and ready garment in the five provinces for the preparation of Consolidated Report on Basic Value Chain Analysis and Upgrading Plans along with Brief Feasibility Studies, templates of all of which will be provided by the Project Team.



Consolidated Report on Basic Value Chain Analysis and Upgrading Plans

Recommendations for entrepreneurs and newly established enterprises on what needs to be improved or introduced for competitiveness in relation to issues including managerial roles, operations, services and marketing and sales.

Brief Feasibility Studies

Maximum 10 brief feasibility studies will be prepared for the sector, including a business plan and a financial plan. The brief feasibilities will guide entrepreneurs willing to establish businesses in the sector.

Within this framework, desk research, and focus group consultations with public officials and sector experts, and “Entrepreneurial Discovery Study for Value Chain Upgrading” (provided by the Project Team) with business owners and entrepreneurs and finally, interviews with main customers abroad will constitute the field study. 

Overall, per province, 20 semi-structured in-depth interviews with business owners and entrepreneurs, one focus group with officials, experts and representatives and finally, minimum of two interviews with main customers abroad will make up the field research for this study.

Qualifications and skills:

  • A Bachelor degree in social sciences, economics, statistics development studies and natural sciences,
  • Strong reporting skills,
  • Advanced level of MS Office use (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) 

Professional experience:

  • Experience in the sector at least two years or conducted at least two value chain analysis
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in the context of development and related sectors will be an asset.
  • Knowledge on entrepreneurship will be an asset.
  • Knowledge on socio-economic integration, livelihoods and migration will be an asset.

Procedure for expression of interest

Experts interested in taking part in the SUMMIT project as STEs are kindly invited to apply by sending their up-to-date CVs and indicating their area of interests and strengths via an email sent to the following email address and to register in the Expert Roster at the ICMPD website:

Project email address: 

ICMPD expert roster:

This call for experts is published to build a pool of experts for the project and thus it will only be possible for the project team to contact the experts who are considered to be recruited for certain project activities. Please apply only if your CV corresponds with the desired profile. This call will be open for the duration of the Project.  

The deadline for application is May 13, 2021.


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