ENIGMMA Call for EU Member States Experts

This Communication is designed to provide a list of required expertise and related background information for ENIGMMA 2 project activities. In this context, the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) - as the project implementing organisation - would very much appreciate that interested EU Member State (MS) experts consider applying for the short-term expert positions described in this Communication. The main area of expertise is migration management in Georgia, namely, the needs of Georgian state institutions in their efforts to improve migration management within the country. The aim of this Communication is to establish a broad network of EU experts in the migration field, recruit experts with the most relevant expertise and background, and increase EU funds for visibility of the migration area. This Communication contains information on the ENIGMMA 2 project background, a short project summary, descriptions of the required fields of expertise, an outline of the general requirements for experts and a how to apply section. The Communication will be reviewed and updated in summer 2018. 

Project Background 

The “Sustaining Migration Management in Georgia” (ENIGMMA 2) project is funded by the EU-Georgia Financing Agreement, signed in May 2017 within the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) 2016 Technical Cooperation Facility II Programme. The project broadly builds on the results of ICMPD’s previous activities in Georgia, including the recently implemented EU-funded “Enhancing Georgia’s Migration Management” (ENIGMMA) project which supported the Government of Georgia in the implementation of migration-related areas of the Visa Dialogue between the European Union and Georgia.

The ENIGMMA 2 project runs from September 2017 to November 2020. It is implemented by ICMPD and the State Commission on Migration Issues (SCMI) of Georgia.


Project Summary

The overall objective of ENIGMMA 2 is to contribute to the sustainable enhancement of mobility and people-to-people contacts between the EU and Georgia. The proposed action will seek to achieve this overall objective by addressing the identified and potential migration-related risks of visa liberalisation in Georgia and the EU MS, as well as maximising the visa liberalisation benefits in areas covered by the project. The project will continue to provide support to the Government of Georgia in implementation, as well as monitoring and evaluation of the impact of the Migration Strategy. 

As established in the project programme, ICMPD, in close cooperation with SCMI and its Secretariat, will implement a set of activities designed to facilitate the efforts of state institutions involved in migration management in Georgia in the areas of policy development, capacity building and carrying out monitoring and impact assessment mechanisms for regular policy reviews, etc.

Taking into account the priorities set down by the Georgian Government in its Migration Strategy, Visa Liberalisation Action Plan (VLAP) implementation and evaluation, and the objectives, expected results and activities specified in the ENIGMMA 2 project, ICMPD with the strong involvement of experts from EU MS is continuing to support Georgia in capacity building and institutional reform in various migration management areas, as described below.


Fields of Expertise Required 
1. Media and migration nexus 

In the area of media and migration, the project is looking for media experts in regard to monitoring migration coverage in the Georgian media, including the provision of support in developing a monitoring methodology as well as actual monitoring and evaluation of results, and providing tailored training and capacity building activities based on these results. The general objective of the project activities related to media and migration is to contribute to a genuine transmission of sound and fact-based migration-related information by mass media in Georgia in the interest of migrant integration and social cohesion, and with a view to counteracting misinformation, intolerance and xenophobia in Georgian society. Here, research will be conducted on the topic, including the development of a research methodology, analysis and further follow-up recommendations. Further information about media-related activities is provided here

2. Evaluation and monitoring of migration policy implementation in Georgia 

Expertise needed on monitoring and evaluation of activities related to migration management, as well as on the impact of specific elements of migration policy. Here, a methodology for monitoring and evaluation on migration-related measures should be developed, along with implementation of migration policy documents and the carrying out of monitoring and evaluation activities. Further, desk research and analyses need to be conducted on visa-free regime implementation between Georgia and the EU and specific measures to increase the positive and mitigate the negative effects of migration developed. Further information can be found here and here.


3. Migration research and education  
  Experts, trainers, researchers, lecturers needed to teach the following migration topics:
  • Human rights of migrants
  • Gender and migration
  • Migration and economics
  • General migration studies
  • Integration issues and citizenship
  • Demography
  • Media and migration
  • Legal migration
Training and lecturing within the project will be organised for Georgian students from different disciplines, civil servants, representatives of NGOs and other civil society organisations, research institutions, think tanks, etc. For further information, please click here.

4. Development of methodology for migration risks prevention 

Expertise needed in development of methodology for analysing, monitoring and evaluating migration risks as well as recommending measures for their prevention. Generally, the following is envisaged in the project documen
  • Support in development of specific risks analysis methodology for different migration-related agencies.
  • Design and facilitation of capacity building activities.
  • Facilitation and organisation of short-term practical assignments for Georgian migration analysts to respective departments of EU MS migration-related institutions.

Some support activities may include drafting of amendments to the Migration Strategy based on requests from the SCMI Secretariat. For further information, please click here. 


5. Awareness raising on migration and mobility 

Expertise required on information campaigns for awareness raising on migration and mobility, with a particular focus on student mobility, EU-Georgia relations, visa-free regime, personal data protection, Trafficking in Human Beings (THB); and experience in working on student mobility. The target groups of the information campaigns are the general Georgian public, Georgian state institutions, students, civil society, academia and the media. Specific expertise in the following areas are also required: outreach strategies; organisation of information campaigns dealing with migration issues; the design and production of information materials on migration issues. Further information is available here and here.


6. Diaspora engagement and support to migrants in destination countries

Experts with experience in: regularisation of the status of third-country nationals in the EU (in particular of specific migrant groups such as domestic workers, factory workers, caregivers, etc.); protection of the social and other rights of third-country nationals; optimisation of existing legal information in destination countries; ensuring identification of the needs of the Georgian diaspora and migrant communities in selected EU MS. The project is specifically looking for experts with knowledge of legal frameworks in regard to the legal status of foreigners in specific EU MS, with a focus on main countries of destination of Georgian migrants such as Greece, Italy, Germany, Poland, etc. Expertise (e.g. from NGOs) is also needed on the provision of support in negotiating with migration administrations in the destination countries. Further, experts generally experienced in diaspora and migrant community engagement, particularly youth engagement, will be required for specific project activities. Further information can be found here.


7. Personal data protection 

ICMPD has already carried out a number of activities related to the improvement of personal data protection. Therefore, in ENIGMMA 2 specific and in-depth expertise in this field will be needed. The project requires experts with: knowledge on the main principles related to personal data protection and the recent CoE 108 Convention and EU Data Protection Law; practical experience in implementation and/or supervision of projects related to implementation of personal data protection law in national legislation and practice and/or harmonisation with the EU Data Protection Law; knowledge on the security issues involved in processing and managing personal data including special categories of data together with the processing regulations and storage timeframes; etc. Further information is available here.


8. EU institutions and the EU migration acquis

Georgia has significantly reformed and improved its legislation and institutional framework during implementation of the VLAP and the Association Agreement, and a big portion of the main EU migration acquis has also been translated into Georgian legislation. Despite these positive trends, there still exists a need for further refinement of the system as regards institutional awareness of SCMI member institutions on the core elements of the EU acquis on Justice, Freedom and Security, as well as on the general principles of monitoring and evaluation of compliance of national legislation and practice with the EU migration-related legislation, particularly in regard to the asylum acquis. In this regard, EU MS experts with specific and deep knowledge on the EU migration acquis, EU institutions are invited to apply for roles aimed at the development, organisation and implementation of capacity building, exchange and legal review activities. Further information can be found here and here.


9. Specific expertise in migration issues

EU MS experts with specific practical knowledge and skills are needed for implementation of capacity building activities for various Georgian state agencies. Practical expertise and experience in the following areas are particularly requested: 

  • Facilitation of legal migration
  • The fight against irregular migration
  • Development of the asylum system, international protection, international refugee law, forced migration
  • Facilitation of the integration of migrants and reintegration of returnees 
  • Migration and development
  • Development of migration management, etc. 

Further information is available here and here.


10. International protection

The project is looking for experts in asylum and international protection, asylum in international law and national legislation, forced displacement, and other areas related to the human rights of migrants. The services to be provided by the experts encompass reviewing of legal documents, exchange of information, provision of training and other capacity building activities. For further information, please click here.


General Requirements 

EU MS experts applying for one or more of the above roles should have the following qualifications and skills:

  • At least 5 years of practical experience in one of the abovementioned fields.
  • University degree (minimum Master’s level) in migration studies, international law, international relations, political or social sciences, public policy and administration, sociology or a related field.
  • Experience in drafting reports, studies or other written outputs.
  • Excellent oral and written English skills; Georgian and/or Russian an asset.
  • Excellent public speaking, facilitation, training and presentation skills.
  • Experience in working with international organisations considered an advantage.
  • Substantial knowledge of migration debates in general and in the EU and Georgia (or the wider region).
  • Strong analytical, research and drafting skills.
  • Strong organisational skills.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team. 
  • Ability to work under time pressure and quickly adapt to changing requirements. <br/>

How to Apply 

Experts in the fields mentioned above are invited to send their CVs to the ENIGMMA 2 team at enigmma@icmpd.org

Experts are requested to clearly indicate their field of expertise. Their CVs will be added to the ENIGMMA 2 project’s expert roster, which is an internal tool that will be used solely for the purpose of ENIGMMA 2 activities. CVs will be selected from the roster in order to facilitate proper recruitment of experts to work on specific ENIGMMA 2 activities. Please note that upon request CVs may be shared with project partners (EUD, IOM, ICMPD, Georgian state institutions). 

Once selected, the ENIGMMA 2 team will notify experts of their selection, complete the necessary recruitment procedures and brief them in preparation for the activities for which they have been selected and recruited. After each activity the expert will have a debriefing with the ENIGMMA 2 team and will be required to complete a mission report. At the end of each action, experts will complete a report outlining the results and achievements of the overall action. Beneficiaries will provide their input on the experts’ performance and an evaluation of their work. 


For more information, please visit www.enigmma.ge and www.icmpd.org.


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