IBM Silk Routes - Call for Experts

IBM Silk Routes - Call for Experts

Project description


The overall objective of the Action is to support the countries of the Silk Routes region in building their capacity of border management and the development of their national Integrated Border Management (IBM) guidelines, to ensure that these are coherent and effectively co-ordinated at a national, and, if possible, at a regional level, with a focus on effective border control, human resources development and preventing irregular migration.


The specific objectives are:

  1. Support the development of strategic national IBM guidelines in the countries of the Silk Routes (SRCs) region.
  2. Assist beneficiary countries in the development of detailed national implementation action plans based on the national IBM guidelines and existing standards on information exchange and cooperation.
  3. Reinforce the institutional development of the border agencies through enhancement of their professional and operational standards along common concepts, especially in regards to information exchange, inter-agency cooperation, preparedness for high risk situations, joint investigations and risk analysis; and provision of specific small-scale equipment.
  4. Contribute to institutional capacity building by creating and fostering workable training systems, development of standard training curriculum and institutions.
  5. Provide targeted technical assistance at strategic and operational levels as a supplement to the existing training systems in order to improve skills and knowledge of the staff at all levels.
  6. Enhance co-operation and networking among beneficiaries in the field of border management across the region and beyond.


List of key areas to be covered by the project are as follows:

  • Integrated Border Management (IBM) Awareness Raising
  • Development  of the national IBM Guidelines and Action Plans 
  • Development of the standard Border Management Curriculum 
  • Capacity Building for the Management of the Training Institutions 
  • Trainers’ Development
  • Procurement of the standard equipment for the training process, document security  and border control
  • Development of the Standard Operational Procedures for border control and inter-agency cooperation
  • Raising awareness on contingency planning 
  • Review of the legal framework on international cooperation 
  • Development of the Knowledge Management Platform
  •  Customised Technical Assistance Activities (Trainings, Workshops, Peer-to-Peer)

o    Border management

o    Management and Leadership

o    Strategic planning 

o    Coordination and Communication

o    Border Surveillance

o    Cross border crime

o    Drug trafficking

o    Counter terrorism

o    Document security

o    Inter-agency cooperation

o    Vehicles search

o    English language courses

o    Equipment for the border surveillance

o    Maritime strategy

o    Risk Analysis and Information Exchange


o    Professional standards and Code of Conduct

Role of Experts:

number of short- and mid-term experts will be contracted to support ICMPD in the following fields: 

  • Conduct assessments and gaps and needs analysis
  • Plan and deliver awareness raising campaigns related to border management
  • Review  and formulate policy documents, incl. national IBM strategies and action plans
  • Provide technical assistance and participate in expert consultations
  • Lead inter-agency working groups
  • Develop training curricula, standard operational procedures, contingency plans, recommendations for border infrastructure development, methodology for practical exercises and live tests
  • Conduct workshops, trainings, seminars, related to the areas listed above 
  • Provide legal expertise
  • Deliver training of trainers
  • Provide procurement expertise
  • Provide ICT expertise for the development of the online educational products 

Profile of Experts:

  • At least 10 years of experience in working with border agencies;
  • Border management specific expertise (practical and/or academic knowledge) in one or more of the technical areas mentioned above;
  • Expertise in institutional development and capacity building at national and international level;
  • Expertise in working on border management matters at strategical and/or decision-making level;
  • Proven experience in working on international projects related to border management;
  • Expertise in analysis and development of recommendation papers, guidelines, procedures, etc.;
  • Training and facilitation skills;
  • Experience in working with government counterparts and in countries in crisis;
  • Excellent oral and written English language skills (knowledge of Arabic, Farsi, Dari, Bengali, Urdu is an asset);
  • Professional experience in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq or Pakistan  is desirable;
  • Experts should be available for short- or mid-term assignments including at a relatively short notice.

Application Process:


Interested experts should send their CV and an indication of the topic of interest via email to  so as to be included in the project expert roster. The CVs will be selected from the roster in order to facilitate a possible recruitment of experts on a short term basis as consultants to work on specific project activities. The exact duration of engagement will be determined separately for each activity. ICMPD cannot guarantee that all experts in the roster will receive assignments.



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