JEMPAS Call for Experts*

"Support to the Mobility Partnership between the European Union and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (JEMPAS)"

Project description

JEMPAS is a technical assistance project with the overall aim to support the implementation of the Mobility Partnership (MP) between the European Union and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Both entities signed the MP in October 2014. The EU-funded JEMPAS project started implementation in January 2016 and will run until December 2018.   The project aims to strengthen the capacities of Jordanian authorities in two thematic areas: a) Engagement with Jordanian expatriates abroad and b) Addressing trafficking in human beings. Kindly note that this call for experts relates to the project component supporting the engagement with Jordanian expatriates only. With a view to expatriate engagement, ICMPD cooperates closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of Jordan for both the planning and implementation of activities. Further assistance is provided by Poland, Portugal and Romania who have pledged support to this thematic area of JEMPAS.
The project seeks to address the engagement with expatriates comprehensively and will work on three different pillars and an Expatriate Profile to this end:
Expatriate Profile: including the development of questionnaires, undertaking a survey with relevant stakeholders as well as capacity building on and the design of a mapping methodology;
Boosting Outreach to Expatriates: including the development of a web-platform, an online survey as well as a Communication strategy and plan;
Strengthening Services to Expatriates: including support to cooperation and coordination among relevant government institutions, embassies and expatriates for enhanced services provision;
Policy Framework Development: including the review of existing policy and strategy documents, the development of action plans and policy development frameworks. 
All main activities will be accompanied by working meetings and training workshops. 

Role of Experts: 
The role of the experts is to lead or support the implementation of specific activities including the development of contents, the preparation and presentation of training material, the moderation of events, the review and formulation of policy documents and the drafting of reports and key documents.
Profile of Experts: 
  • Expertise (practical and/or academic knowledge and experience) in one or more of the technical areas, topics and sub-topics mentioned in the table below;
  • Presentation and moderation skills;
  • Relevant experience in capacity development;
  • Experience in working with government counterparts;
  • Excellent oral and written English language skills (knowledge of Arabic is an asset);
  • Experience in the region is desirable;
  • Experts should be available for short- or mid-term assignments including at a relatively short notice. 
Overview of Topics
  1. Collecting an maintaining up-to-date information on Jordanians abroad: Workshop on mapping of citizens abroad, Design and formulation of mapping methodology, design and undertake interviews with relevant stakeholders on expatriate engagement. (Nov.2017 - Jan. 2017)
  2. Development of a holistic engagement strategy: Content: Workshop on communication techniques and outreach plan, development of online survey, moderation of working meetings and feedback rounds. Technical: guidance for technical development of digital engagement tools. (Nov.2016 - Oct. 2017)
  3. Communication campaigns to raise awareness on the contributions made by Jordanians abroad to Jordan's development. (June 2017 and Jan. 2018)
  4. Strengthening services to Jordanians abroad: Moderation of interministerial working groups on services provision, training workshop on counselling and other relevant government services, development of counselling material, roundtable on services provision (Jan./June 2017 and Nov. 2017-May 2018)
  5. Policy and Strategy framework development: review and recommendations on strategy and policy documents, training needs assessment, developemnt of action plans and guidance for operational implementation of strategy documents, workshop on monitoring and evaluation, workshop public policy cycle (tentative), design of strategy development framework (Nov. 2016 - June 2018)
  Application Process: 

Interested experts should send their CV and an indication of the training topic of interest via email to so as to be included in the JEMPAS expert roster. For further questions you may also contact us via phone at +962 6 5007232. CVs will be selected from the roster on an ad-hoc basis. ICMPD cannot guarantee that all experts in the roster will receive assignments.


Download the Call for experts here



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