MIBMA Call for EU Member States Experts

MIBMA - Support to Migration and Border Management in Armenia 

Project Description

The project “Support to Migration and Border Management in Armenia” (MIBMA) follows the national strategies and priorities as well as EU – Armenia partnership agreements including EU-Armenia Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, European Neighbourhood Policy Action, Mobility Partnership, and Visa Facilitation and Readmission Agreements.


The overall objective of the action is to enhance approximation of the migration and border management in Armenia to the European standards of governance, in order to increase security, facilitate trade, and support the possible visa liberalisation dialogue between the European Union and Armenia.


The specific objectives of the action are: 

  1. To increase Government capacities for migration and asylum management in line with the EU-Armenia Visa Facilitation and Readmission Agreements and Mobility Partnership, to prepare for the possible EU-Armenia visa liberalisation dialogue
  2. To strengthen inter-agency cooperation through further extension of the IBM concept and its principles into Armenia’s border management system with a focus on core areas such as the simplification and harmonisation of procedures; to improve the service level for end users; to facilitate trade; and to further develop transport corridors

Expert Involvement

Experts are recruited to provide their expertise and technical inputs to MIBMA project. Examples of such inputs include the development or review of legal frameworks and policy documents in the thematic areas of the project; conducting trainings and workshops; and development of the trainings toolkit and manuals.

Detailed requirements for experts are listed in the MIBMA project Communication to the EU MS; you can download this publication by clicking on the link below. Experts' CVs will be added to the MIBMA expert roster, which is an internal tool to be used solely for the purpose of MIBMA activities. The CVs will be selected from the roster in order to facilitate a proper recruitment of experts to work on specific MIBMA activities.

The MIBMA team will brief the experts in preparation of the activities they are assigned to. After each activity the expert will have a debriefing with the MIBMA team and complete a mission report. At the end of each action, experts will complete a report outlining the results and achievements of the overall action and provide recommendations for further assistance. Beneficiaries will fill a general evaluation form, which will include an evaluation of the expert.

How the MIBMA team will work with experts 

  1. Expert selection: TORs and recruitment
  2. Preparation of the activity, logistics and expert briefing
  3. Overseeing implementation of activities
  4. Expert reporting and feedback
  5. Monitoring and evaluation

 Experts are invited to:

  • Send their CV via email in order for it to be included in the MIBMA expert database
  • Contact the MIBMA team by email for more information

Contact MIBMA: mibma@icmpd.org 

Download the MIBMA EU MS Communication Issue 1



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