MIND Call for Experts

Supporting Migration Policy Development in Turkey (MIND)


Overall Objective:


To contribute to the establishment of a comprehensive and sustainable migration policy framework in Turkey taking into account good practices applied in EU Member States (EU MS) and other countries.


Specific Objectives:

  • Improved institutional capacities and interagency cooperation of the Directorate General for Migration Management (DGMM) with relevant stakeholders to develop and implement migration policies;
  • Increased institutional capacities and interagency cooperation of DGMM with the Turkish institutions listed as beneficiaries of this action to monitor the implementation of the policy and evaluate its impact;
  • Enhanced institutional and public awareness on migration policy in Turkey and its implementation in Turkey and at international level.
The aim of the project is to support DGMM in developing a comprehensive migration policy framework in Turkey through a set of measures which satisfy both strategic and operational needs and help determine main principles and a long-term perspective in line with EU standards. The project will focus on strengthening the capacity and procedures for migration policy development in line with its specific objectives.

  List of key areas to be covered by the project are as follows:
  • Collecting, analysing and sharing relevant EU experience and expertise in development, implementation and evaluation of migration policies (Component A);
  • Evaluating the impact of existing migration policy documents and analysing the lessons learned for future actions (Component B);
  • Strengthening cooperation and capacities in monitoring and evaluation of migration policies (Component C);
  • Raising public awareness on migration policies to ensure full and active participation of the civil society (Component D);
  • Strengthening international cooperation in the migration policy area as well as the related communication to foreign and international partners of Turkey (Component E).

Role of Experts:  

Experts will be recruited to deliver inputs in line with the above key areas addressed by the project and to support ICMPD in providing technical assistance, conducting desk research, as well as the elaboration and implementation of expert consultations, workshops, tailor-made trainings and seminars.

The main assignments of the selected experts will include:
  • Analysis of selected policy documents of EU MS and/or other European countries in order to establish the main features of these policy documents;
  • Analysis of EU policies and specific EU MS initiatives towards emerging needs and in crisis situations
  • Analysis of existing migration strategy papers and action plans in Turkey to provide opinion papers for their revision;
  • Provision of trainings on collecting the information needed for an effective migration policy development, on development of trend analysis and forecasts in the field of migration
  • Development of an evidence-based migration policy development model;
  • Provision of trainings and drafting of guidelines on policy monitoring and evaluation of the migration policy implementation;
  • Development of awareness raising activities;
  • Development of recommendations for the reinforcement of Turkey’s capacity and engagement in Migration Processes for information exchange and sharing of lessons learned and policy recommendations.
Profile of Experts:
  • Expertise (practical, policy and/or academic) in one or more of the topics and sub-topics listed above;
  • Expertise in institutional development and capacity building;
  • Expertise in analysis and development of recommendation papers, guidelines, procedures, etc.;
  • Substantial knowledge and experience in preparation and delivering of training sessions related to migration policy development, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Excellent oral and written English (knowledge of Turkish will be an asset);
  • Regional experience and knowledge will be considered an asset.
Procedure for expression of interest  

Experts interested to engage in the MIND project are kindly invited to apply through sending their updated CV and indicating their area of interest to the following e-mail address: mind@icmpd.org . 

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