PACT Project on Policy Development and Capacity Building in the Area of Asylum in Turkey - Call for Experts

A. Project description

The PACT Project aims to support the Turkish asylum system in handling the current asylum caseload and addressing future needs in terms of processing new asylum applications and developing effective policies in the area of international protection and temporary protection through capacity building activities and provision of evidence-based policy recommendations.

The project beneficiary is the Turkish Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM), the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is responsible for its management and implementation and the project is supported by the British Embassy in Ankara.


B. Background and Objectives

In April 2013 the new Law on Foreigners and International Protection of Turkey entered into force and regulates the entry and stay of foreigners in Turkey as well as all matters related to international protection. The DGMM was established and became operational in April 2014 as Turkey’s new specialised migration management authority. ICMPD has been implementing projects in Turkey, focusing primarily on topics related to migration management and policy development, but also providing support to capacity development of DGMM as an institution. 

Building upon its predecessor projects ASCAP and ASCAP II, PACT Project focuses on research, analysis and scenario and policy recommendation development as well as delivering capacity building activities with regard to the functioning of the country of origin information (COI) system and the functioning of the International Protection Bureaus (IPBs). 


C. List of key areas to be covered

The PACT Project call for experts encompasses the following thematic areas:

1. International refugee law and international/regional human rights instruments,

2. EU Common European Asylum System,

3. EU MS country practices in the area of asylum,

4. Asylum policy making,

5. Asylum decision making,

6. Interviewing of asylum seekers,

7. Country of origin information research,

8. System and workflow design with a particular focus on asylum procedures,

9. Asylum appeals system,

10. Registration and reception of asylum seekers,

11. Integration of asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection,

12. Statistics and data analysis in migration processes.

D. Short-Term Expert involvement

Short-term experts are sought to support ICMPD in providing technical assistance, conducting desk research, drafting comparative studies and reports, participation in expert consultations and workshops as well as in trainings and seminars organised together with and for DGMM staff in Turkey, related to the areas covered by the projects as listed above.


E. Desired profile of experts 

1. The Project intends to provide a platform for DGMM staff to exchange with peers from EU MS working in the area of asylum. As such we particularly search for short term experts (STEs) that bring along experiences, especially of working in a public administration, in the area of migration and particularly asylum. Thus, STEs who either currently work or have worked for an asylum authority (first or second instance) within an EU Member State or an associated State and worked there as asylum decisions maker, policy maker, country of origin information researcher, general researcher or reception officer or in the area of connected procedures like resettlement, return, pre-return detention, statistics, etc. are particularly encouraged to apply.

2. Practical and/or academic knowledge and experience in one or more of the areas mentioned in the above listed topics of the projects,

3. Experience in institutional development and capacity building,

4. Experience in developing working procedures, revision and development of

recommendations and internal procedures,

5. Experience in scenario building studies in the area of migration or other related areas,  

6. Training, presentation and facilitation skills,

7. Excellent drafting skills,

8. Excellent oral and written English (knowledge of Turkish will be considered an asset)

9. Previous practical and/or academic experience and knowledge in the region and/or in the countries of origin will be considered an asset.


F. Procedure for expression of interest

Experts interested in taking part in the PACT project as STEs are kindly invited to apply by sending their up-to-date CVs and indicating their area of interests and strengths via an email sent to the following email address and to register in the Expert Roster at the ICMPD website:

PACT Project email address: 

ICMPD expert roster:

This call for experts is published to build a pool of experts for the project and thus it will only be possible for the project team to contact the experts who are considered to be recruited for certain project activities. Please apply only if your CV corresponds with the desired profile (Section E). This call will be open for the duration of the "PACT Project" and expire in March 2021.  


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