Sustainable Migration Management through supporting implementation of development sensitive migration policies and initiatives in Turkey (SUMMIT)

Project Description

Sustainable Migration Management through supporting Implementation of development sensitive migration policies and Initiatives in Turkey (SUMMIT)” project is aimed to further support the establishment and implementation of an integrated, long-term, development-sensitive and sustainable migration policy framework at central and regional level with the special focus on labour market integration of various groups of migrants and refugees. 

The project is being funded by Switzerland for the period August 2019 to August 2021. Counterparts in Turkey are the Directorate General for Migration Management (DGMM), the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services (MoFLSS), Presidency of Strategy and Budget, Ministry of Industry and Technology/General Directorate of Development Agencies and relevant regional development agencies.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

1.Support the implementation of development sensitive migration policy and strategy at central and regional level 

2.Increase the institutional capacities on migration and development on central and regional level to formulate strategic policy directions (special focus: entrepreneurship and labour market integration) and support development of  policy framework documents

3.Support the development and implementation of labour market integration measures in selected sectors


Large-scale migration movements inevitably affect Turkey’s demographic, economic and social development.  Developments on the labour market and changing immigration patterns provoked the policy development process in the field of economic migration. On the other hand, Turkey has provided an effective emergency response and temporary protection regime for Syrian refugees. The above mentioned developments, in addition to the rapidly evolving migration management system in Turkey require strengthening a comprehensive migration and integration policy development process including analysis and a broad coordination and consultation process among all responsible entities and stakeholders. Taking into account the above mentioned needs, the development of migration policies enrooted in evidence and the socio-economic context remains a key priority in Turkey – both at the national and regional level. Due to the volume of migrants and the emerging needs in the country, a special attention needs to be given to social and economic integration, facilitation of employment, entrepreneurship, private sector cooperation, and trade.

Components and areas to be covered

Component I: Support to implementation of development sensitive migration policies at central level

  • Module 1.1. Support to Implementation of development-sensitive migration policies at central leve
  • Module 1.2. Support to Implementation of development-sensitive migration strategy prepared within the scope of SIDEM Project

Component 2: Development-sensitive Migration Policies

  • Module 2.1. Regional Strategy Development and Action Planning (TR10, TR90 and TR62)
  • Module 2.2. Tailor-made Technical Assistance to Development Agencies to foster implementation of migration policies incl. development perspective

Component 3: Labour Market Integration

  • Module 3.1 Sectoral Analysis and Development of Concepts for Labour Market Integration in Selected Sectors (TR10, TR62, TR90 and TRC1 Regions

Short-Term Expert Involvement

For specific project activities, Short-Terms Experts (to be contracted according to the ICMPD Recruitment Procedures) will be expected to support the project team in providing technical assistance, conducting desk & field researchs, drafting reports, participating workshops-conferences and meetings as well as cooperating with relevant stakeholders


Desired Profile of Experts 

  • Professional and/or Academic experience in at least one of following fields:

- Migration

- Development

- Economics

- Labour-Market Integration 

- Sociology

- Urban Planning

  • Professional experience in projects
  • Professional experience in working with relevant public institutions
  • Excellent drafting skills
  • Excellent oral and written English/Turkish is an asset
  • Previous practical and/or academic experience and knowledge in the above mentioned regions on relevant fields

Procedure for expression of interest

Experts interested in taking part in the SUMMIT project as STEs are kindly invited to apply by sending their up-to-date CVs and indicating their area of interests and strengths via an email sent to the following email address and to register in the Expert Roster at the ICMPD website:

Project email address: 

ICMPD expert roster:

This call for experts is published to build a pool of experts for the project and thus it will only be possible for the project team to contact the experts who are considered to be recruited for certain project activities. Please apply only if your CV corresponds with the desired profile. This call will be open for the duration of the Project.  


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