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Clarification no 2

ICMPD has issued a new document with questions and answers that might be relevant for call applicants.

Please be advised that this is the final publication of Q and A.

We kindly invite you to periodically visit our website to follow other updates relevant for this call for proposals.

To download the document kindly click here.

Published on: 24.11.2020

Clarification no 1

ICMPD would like to inform potential applicants that the


deadline for questions from potential applicants has been extended to 20 November 2020,

deadline for replies by ICMPD has been extended to 25 November 2020.


To download the complete clarification note no 1 kindly click here.


Published on: 06.11.2020

Call for proposal documents

The Demand Driven Facility (DDF) Call for Proposals falls under the second component of the Strengthening Border Security in Ghana project (SBS Ghana).

The DDF Call is centred on civil society, research institutions, think tanks, traders' organisations and organisations representing media / media networks, with the goal to promote innovative approaches (operational and research projects) to border management and mobility issues.

The objective of the DDF Call is to support innovation and best practices on mobility and border management in Ghana. In particular, the innovative approaches and best practices will have to:

- Increase knowledge and data management.

- Establish or enhance cooperation mechanisms between relevant stakeholders.

- Create awareness and support coordination for accountability and better public service delivery.

- Develop innovative practices to improve cooperation and mitigate or tackle issues at the border.


ICMPD respectfully invites the interested organisations to submit an application for the call for proposals:


Demand Driven Facility - Support to innovative approaches and best practices on mobility and border management


Application submission deadline: 30 November 2020 at 17h Ghana local time.


The Guidelines for Applicants (Call for Proposal Guidelines) can be downloaded here.

Documents to be completed can be downloaded here.

Documents for information can be downloaded here.


Published on 05.10.2020

Updated on 06.11.2020


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