Contract award notices

Award Notice no. 23.012 - Provision of services for a programme-level evaluation of the ICMPD Migration Partnership Facility - Blomeyer & Sanz SL, MB Policy Impact Lab, TANDANS Data Science Consulting, Samuel Hall FZE, MPG, Diversity Development Group

Award Notice no 23.023 - Provision of Health Insurance Services for ICMPD - Lot 1 – Full and supplementary health insurance coverage for international and local staff/personnel including dependents, retirees - HENNER and MGEN

Award Notice no. 23.110 - Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Hardware for the Security Operations Center (SOC) in the scope of the Improving Migration Data Management Capacities of National Institutions in Lebanon - ULTRA TECHNOLOGY

Award notice no 22.067 - Supply of Sustainable Electricity for the Border Security Agencies and Border Communities in Lebanon in the Scope of EU IBM Lebanon - Phase 3 - ULTRA TECHNOLOGY, ASACO GENERAL TRADE & CONTRACTING

Award notice no 22.043 - Supply of IT and Lab Equipment for the Jordanian Customs Authorities - Horizons Network Technology (ALAFAQ Letechnologya rabat Alshabakat)

Award notice no 22.021 - Supply of Server, IT, UPS Equipment for Aqaba Training Center - Matrix Business Technology, KOMITZ GmbH.

Award notice no 23.013 - Provision of Research Services - Consortium: ECDPM (Leader), CASE OSMOS, LaMP Visuality

Award notice no 22.137 - Supply of ICT Equipment for ICMPD - AUTOCONT a.s

Award notice no 22.068 - Provision of Grants Management and Visualisation Software Solution - SmartSimple Software INC.