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ICMPD responds to the Ukraine refugee situation

09 March 2022

Ukraine, Austria

ICMPD has a long-standing cooperation with Ukraine dating back to 1995. Numerous joint projects were implemented, cooperation is ongoing on multilateral and bilateral levels and in 2021 the ICMPD Kyiv Office was established. ICMPD is thus closely monitoring the developments in Ukraine. Due to the security situation, the ICMPD office has been temporarily closed. The project teams continue their work from other duty stations whenever possible. Below, we are gathering our policy, research, and capacity-building activities to reflect ICMPD's ongoing engagement in Ukraine.

ICMPD Director General Michael Spindelegger visits Hungarian-Ukrainian Border

On 9 March, ICMPD Director General Michael Spindelegger met with with Hungarian State Secretary Péter Sztáray at the Hungarian-Ukrainian border. His visit was aimed at understanding the realities of mass displacement from Ukraine and supporting ICMPD member states impacted by the conflict.  

On-site, at the village of Beregsurány, the Director General saw a well-functioning system of local government, first-responders and civil society actors: “I am impressed by the solidarity with which the arriving refugees are welcomed, especially with the help of Malteser International and volunteers. However, it is also crucial to ensure that countries of destinations across Europe are well-equipped for handling the inflow of refugees in the medium to long-term. A solid policy framework and building up of capacities will be decisive. ICMPD stands ready to provide the necessary tools and support for our Member States and beyond. We need to ensure that these people seeking refuge in Europe are provided with safe and regular pathways, that the vulnerable are protected, and that others can get access to the labour market.”

ICMPD was helping to build up the capacities of Ukraine’s border authorities before the conflict and is now closely monitoring the situation there, in bordering countries and in countries of destination. Through its Member States Programme, ICMPD is providing a platform for national actors to help them coordinate, exchange information on immediate needs, and address challenges to find tangible solutions for the months ahead.

Podcast: What you need to know about the Temporary Protection Directive

ICMPD Migration Podcast - Ukraine

The ICMPD Migration Podcast invites internal and external experts and critics to discuss current migration issues in an informal setting. A wide range of issues resulting from the attack on Ukraine is discussed in a way that is relevant to both, the research community as well as the general public. 

Episode 1: Ukrainian refugees in the EU – what you need to know now about the Temporary Protection Directive, with Martin Wagner, ICMPD Senior Policy Advisor

Episode 2: ICMPD activities on the ground in Ukraine, with Radim Zak, Head of Region Eastern Europe and Central Asia