Open tenders for the provision of services, works or supplies required for ICMPD's regular and project activities, as well as calls for proposals under grant funding, shall be published on this site, as such opportunities occur. ICMPD is strongly committed to observing the highest standards in its procurement activities comprising the following principles:

  • choice of the tender offering the best value for money (the best price-quality ratio)
  • transparency
  • fair competition
  • avoiding corruption and conflicts of interest.

Suppliers of goods and services wishing to enter into business relations with ICMPD are required to declare and warrant that:

a) it is financially sound and duly licensed, possesses the necessary competence, equipment and facilities to deliver fully, satisfactorily and timely, the required goods, works or services

b) it shall comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations when performing its obligations under a contract awarded by ICMPD

c) no staff member of ICMPD or any third party has received or will be offered by the vendor any direct or indirect benefit arising from the contract or award thereof

d) it shall not accept for its own benefit any trade commission, discount or similar payment in connection with activities pursuant to the contract or the discharge of its obligations thereunder; the vendor shall ensure that any subcontractors, as well as the personnel and agents of either of them, similarly, shall not receive any such additional remuneration

e) it has not misrepresented or concealed any material facts for entering into a contract with ICMPD

f) it is covered by third party liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance as applicable

g) its employees will abide by the highest ethical standards in carrying out this contract, which includes not engaging in any discriminatory or exploitative practice including labour exploitation and sexual harassment

h) it commits itself not to tolerate bribery or any other form of corruption and warrants that it has not and will not pay, offer or promise to pay, authorise the payment directly or indirectly of any monies or anything of value, either directly or indirectly through an intermediary for the purpose of influencing, obtaining or retaining business or to secure any improper commercial or financial advantage.


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