Completed Projects

Targeting Niches in the Anti-trafficking Efforts: Customised Support for Croatia

Objective: The project aimed at providing specific support to the government of Croatia, as requested by it, to complement governmental anti-trafficking efforts.

Summary: The project was comprised of four components:

  • an assessment of the situation of trafficking in Croatia with particular attention to trafficking for labour exploitation
  • raising awareness on the issue of trafficking for labour exploitation among labour inspectorates and employees of the Ministry of Interior in charge of supervision by inspection of the work performed by foreigners
  • supporting the Ministry of Interior in maintaining and building up the capacity of the specialized police officers trained to handle THB cases
  • supporting the Border Directorate with additional trainings with regard to the conduct of a safe return of victims of trafficking.
Implementing Agency: ICMPD

Donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Duration: November 2009October 2010

Country: Croatia

Programme for the Enhancement of Anti-trafficking Responses in South-Eastern Europe: Data Collection and Information Management (DCIM) - Phase 2: Data Processing, Maintenance and Analysis

Objective: The DCIM Phase 2 project aimed to extend continued technical support to the 12 dedicated participating institutions from the preceding project. Specifically, the project aimed to ensure that the participating institutions are able to better analyze the data, assess the real scope of the trafficking problem and thus, have the basis for the development of more effective interventions and policies. The project also contributed to the deepening of the degree of cooperation between countries in the region in terms of exchanging data and increased the transfer of records relevant to THB.

Summary: The 21-month "Programme for the Enhancement of Anti-trafficking Responses in South-Eastern Europe, Data Collection and Information Management (DCIM) – Phase 2: Data Processing, Maintenance and Analysis" was the follow-up project to DCIM Phase I.  It combined capacity building relevant to the presentation, maintenance and analysis of the information contained in the databases, with a study concerning the transnational exchange of THB records.  A feasibility study was produced on the possibility of exchanging records through a module to be integrated into the existing DCIM software, which would be carried out in a future project, should it be deemed legally feasible.

Implementing Agency: ICMPD

Partners: Europol, SECI Centre, Bureau of the Dutch National Rapporteur, MARRI Regional Centre and IOM

Donor: Norwegian Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Duration: September 2008August 2010

Countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia Montenegro and Serbia

Development of a Transnational Referral Mechanism for Victims of Trafficking Between Countries of Origin and Destination (TRM – EU)

Objective: The "TRMEU" project aimed at developing a functional, institutionalised transnational referral mechanism for victims of trafficking between EU and non-EU countries (destination/origin countries) and thus, contributed to a more effective and sustainable national and EU-wide anti-trafficking response. In October 2009, the European Commission approved a no-cost extension of the project for four months until the end of February 2010.

Implementing Agency: ICMPD

Partners: Department for Equal Opportunities, Italy; Office of the National Coordinator for the Fight against Trafficking, Albania; National Anti-Trafficking Commission, Bulgaria; Department of Crime Prevention of the Ministry of the Interior, Czech Republic; Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement, Hungary; National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Macedonia; Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality, Portugal; National Agency against Trafficking in Persons, Romania as well as the Italian NGOs; Associazione On the Road; ECPAT Italy; Dedalus; Mimosa; Comunità OASI 2

Donor: European Union

Duration: December 2007February 2010

Countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Romania and Portugal

Development of Comprehensive Anti-trafficking Responses in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia

Objective: The objectives of the 24-month project were:

  • to revise and enhance National Action Plans against THB in all the three countries, establishing a supporting network for their implementation, including regional and international cooperation
  • to prevent THB through awareness raising and involvement of labour market institutions in preventive action
  • to increase the capacity of national authorities to detect criminal activities linked to THB, based on a victim-centred approach of investigation and prosecution
  • to improve identification, protection and assistance, including socio-economic reintegration measures of victims trafficked both for the purpose of sexual and labour exploitation.

Implementing Agency: International Labour Organization (ILO)

Partners: ICMPD and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) 

Donor: European Union

Duration: December 2006December 2008

Countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia