Platform of National Anti-Trafficking Coordinators

Together against human trafficking: National Anti-trafficking Coordinators from South-Eastern Europe meet on a regular basis

ICMPD is proud to act as the Secretariat for the Network of National Anti-trafficking Coordinators from South-Eastern Europe (SEE). This platform is was established in 2010  with the aim of exchanging expertise and further developing and improving transnational cooperation on countering human trafficking in the South-Eastern Europe region. The Network meets 1-2 times a year in support of this objective.


Key documents

2012: Joint Declaration of the National Anti-Trafficking Coordinators of South-East European (SEE) countries on enhancing Transnational Referral Mechanisms (TRM) and Strengthening Cooperation in Cases of Human Trafficking

2018: Joint Declaration of the Ministers of Interior of South-East Europe on strengthening regional cooperation in SEE to combat trafficking in human beings.


More information about the Meetings of the National Anti-trafficking Coordinators of SEE can be found here:

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About the Network of National Anti-Trafficking Coordinators



As an outcome of the Ministerial Conference held in Brdo – Kranj on 20 October 2010, it was decided that meetings of the Network of National Anti-trafficking Coordinators from South-Eastern Europe (SEE) would be organised on a regular basis in the framework of the Brdo process, upon the initiative of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia. Considering the strong competence of ICMPD in the area of trafficking in human beings and its long-term cooperation with the countries of SEE, ICMPD was entrusted with the responsibility of serving as the Secretariat for this initiative. 



Since 2011, ICMPD has supported the National Coordinators of SEE in facilitation of regular meetings serving as forums for sharing good practices, discussing the needs of these countries and identifying areas for potential cooperation in the future. The platform started out as a 'members only club' exclusively for practitioners in the region; however, over the years it has become an interactive dialogue that involves a pan-European network of experts and professionals, thus enabling the creation and exchange of good practices beyond the usual channels. 



On the occasion of the 6th EU Anti-Trafficking Day (18 October 2012), the National Anti-trafficking Coordinators agreed upon a joint declaration, which outlines their priorities in combating trafficking in human beings and reflects the synergies between the EU Strategy towards the Eradication of Trafficking in Human Beings 2012–2016 and the progressive efforts made in SEE to tackle the issue. The full text of the joint declaration can be downloaded here



On 16 March 2018, nine ministers of Interior from South-Eastern Europe (SEE) met at the Brdo Process Ministerial Meeting to adopt a joint-ministerial declaration on regional cooperation to combat trafficking in human beings. ICMPD, as the Secretariat of the Meetings of the Network of National Anti-trafficking Coordinators in SEE, supported participating states draft the declaration. As well as reaffirming commitment to protection of victims, prosecution of perpetrators and prevention of trafficking, the declaration commits adopting countries to establish formal compensation mechanisms for victims, acknowledge the importance of reducing demand for trafficked services, and to devote attention to the relevance of internet-based technologies to combat trafficking. The full text of the ministerial declaration can be downloaded here